Happy Birthday Elvis Presley


Can you believe our beloved Elvis would have been 76 today? I was not a really big Elvis fan because I was so young but as I got older I learned to love his voice. Yes I have been to Graceland. Three years ago I went 3 times! The last time was the week of Christmas and Aunt Jan and I were the only ones in the home. It sure felt like it was ours.   If you are anywhere near Memphis, Tennessee and have time to visit Graceland, it is worth the time and very reasonable. These are a few of the hundred or more pictures I took.












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One Response to Happy Birthday Elvis Presley

  1. sandra parsons says:

    Thankyou for sharing those pictures of inside Graceland!
    Here in Australia they have an annual Elvis Festival in a town called Parkes. I saw on TV last night that they were trying to break the record for the most “Elvis’s” in one place, but fell short of the record.
    I saw my first Elvis movie when I was still going to school. Many years ago, a penpal from Tennessee sent me some Elvis magazines that had belonged to her daughters. One still has a free record attached to the pages inside!!! Another friend sent me her ticket from when she visited Graceland- she said she did not care for the decor, but your pictures show it a being just lovely.
    I’m looking forward to reading your blogs/newsletters this year! Bye for now, your Aussie quilt’n friend, Sandy. 🙂