Happy New Year


Happy New Year. I am ready for you.   I did not post much this year. We started back in March designing and getting ready to build a new home. I have an awesome quilt area or studio as some may call it.. I am not finished completely but when I am I will send you a picture.  Here is a sneak preview of my fabric. I think I need to go shopping. What you think? I am blessed to have it right at my fingertips. Nothing bothers me anymore than having to get ready to go to the store to get a piece of fabric to finish a project.

DSCN8303This room is big enough for me to put my long arm in here.  I have been in such a sewing funk. Does that ever happen to any of you. We had a nice home it was small and an attic was my sewing room. IT WAS A MESS..I mean a royal mess. I hated to go up there. I only made myself go when I had to go.

Here at the new home with several huge rooms for my sewing I will be able to just walk around the corner, no steps and sew. I even put a den on that side of the house so Gary my husband can be there watching TV and not miss me. LOL seriously we love being close by each other and he is my official cutter. He cuts all my fabric. My hand does not know what a rotary cutter feels like. I do not like cutting I mess up cutting and he is perfect and he likes to do the cutting. We have an awesome view. I look out to a beautiful neighborhood and two of my new best friends.. Two horses in a pasture across the street from me.  I go over daily and talk to them and rub their noses. They are so cute.

So now that we are about 99 percent finished I am ready to start blogging and being creative.

Did you miss me?

YES THE GIVE A WAYS ARE COMING BACK.. We will start the new year off right.  Just leave a comment here about what you have planned on doing or try to do this year. You know nothing can ever be wrong with anything you try. If you have always wanted to learn to paint with oils. Take a class. So what if your picture looks terrible to you. It is your work. You are only a failure IF YOU DO NOT TRY.  Look at some of the famous painters paintings. They are horrible.

If you want to learn to quilt find someone nearby that will teach you. There are guilds all over the place and someone is always willing to help you. So what if your quilts are not perfect. We do not want perfect we want progress and finding something we love.  Look at the Gees Bend Quilts. They are not perfect.  Look how they are loved and accepted.

I want to learn to crochet. I plan on going to a town nearby here to learn as much as I can. You know you can go to YouTube and find a wealth of information.


Be happy 2014 step out and try something new. Just think you may be the next famous artist or quilter or whatever and do not even know you have that in you.. GET BUSY AND TRY.. You only fail if you do not try.


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  1. Pokey says:

    Your fabric wall is wonderful, Chris! I hope the sewing becomes a joy again this 2014. Moving takes a toll, too! Personally, I would like to finish some quilts that are laying aside, waiting for me! I have a sewing room that needs order also ~

  2. Robbin says:

    I plan to finish at least one quilt per month. I have a hoard of quilt tops just waisting away. I’m going to pull them all out and make a plan to either finish them or bu-bye!

  3. I am so glad you are posting again, always like hearing what you are up to. Love the sewing space. I bought cabinets so they take up space more than help fill it, wish I had done built ins. I plan on working on finishing my quilts, and working on the ones that have been waiting for me to begin, so hopefully I will have a house full of quilts this year. I also want to learn to needle felt. I have all the supplies and some patterns, now I just need to sit down and try it and not worry if I mess up;)


  4. Paula Palmateer says:

    I plan to finish UFOs that I have many of. Also want to improve my handstitching.

  5. janus pope says:


  6. Sandy N says:

    I want to try curved piecing. Welcome back! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the great things that come out of that wonderful sewing room.

  7. Kathy MacKie says:

    My word for this year is Finish and that is meant for all my WIP so I have a busy year ahead.

  8. Dorothy says:

    Great shelves for fabric. I want to do more with lighter more modern fabrics.

  9. Anne says:

    We too have just moved into a new-to-us home on 8 acres. There is no shortage of work to plan and do. The hard part will be fitting it around my quilting!

  10. Barbara Rabinowitz says:

    I plan to join a local quilt guild, experiment with Tunisian crochet, get back to sketching and watercolors, sew for my granddaughters, …. I better get busy!

  11. Oh man, your sewing space is WONDERFUL!! I can’t wait to see your long arm all set up!! My 2014 goal is to finish as many UFO as is humanly possible…and maybe start a couple too!! A girl’s got to have fun…right?
    Thanks for the chance to win your give away!! All the best to you and your cutter!!
    Paulette Doyle´s last blog post ..Penny for your thoughts…

  12. Yes, you need to buy more fabric…I see a couple of empty shelves and that simply won’t do lol 🙂
    My plan for this year is to get some of MY tops quilted, not just my customers 🙂 and yes, I know exactly what you mean about the funk but how wonderful you have a new inspiring space 🙂

  13. Kathy h says:

    I plan on getting back to hand appliqué. I haven’t done any for a long time and I miss it.

  14. Cheryl says:

    Yea! Your back!!! And what a great quilting area, too! My goal for this year is to teach others how to quilt. That will be starting on Jan 18th, when I teach a class at my church. I just finished 20 blocks, so that I can show them what they will be making, and give them ideas for different placements, etc. Hope your Birthday was GREAT!!!!! I did think about you (I just haven’t had time to be online).
    Cheryl´s last blog post ..Treadle to the Rescue!

  15. Judith Hogan says:

    What a wonderful sewing area you have. So much storage. I need more storage but my sewing room is small and I have it packed as tightly as I can. I’m planning to do a lot more hand quilting this year. I have a number of small quilts (doll) I’ve made recently, so I have lots to practice on. I hope to eventually hand quilt a large bed quilt.