Happy Valentine To Me! 2/14/2009 Cupid Draw Back Your Bow and Let Your Arrow Go.

Today I got home from my meeting at the guild. I noticed a note on the back door. First thought was who has been here and left a note? I then thought well that is strange because Gary has been here all day and then I said well probably he was in the back of the house and did not hear the knock at the door.  I proceeded to unload my car and when I walked up to the door I was greeted with the note.  I read it and knew I was at the right house!






Today was just full of surprises.






Handmade balloons.






Cupid came today and left all kinds of goodies while I was at the guild sewing and snapping photo’s of course! Oh and eating along with gossiping!! Kay made some good chili, Mary had a pasta salad that the pasta was heart shaped and Susannah had a heart cookie with icing. Durn I hate it I did not get pictures of that cookie. It was to cute and good.







MMMM Cupcakes, handmade, low sugar… Hey I can’t help it if Cupid is sweet , good cook and loves to leave notes on everything ! They were low sugar Devil’s Food, BUT AN ANGEL MADE THEM!





Back of my postcard that Cupid made. This was his first try..I was so impressed. He even used 3D embellishments for the stamps.  I really was impressed.





Front of the card. I just can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with Cupid’s work. I wish he would join our postcard groups. I would love to get more cards from him. Don’t you all agree?





Froggie went a courting. Gary knows I love frogs and so did his father, Jack. Meet Jackson.  I can’t bear to put him outside so for now he will be standing at the back door greeting visitors. Ribbit!





Meet Patti. You can mash around the farm animals and she talks and sounds like the animals.  Yes I am still a child at heart.


This is the last post on this subject. I hope it was not so sweet that your teeth are hurting! I did not mean for it to be sickening and mushy. I just wanted everyone to share the Cupid with me.  Oh well, now I wonder what the Easter Bunny will leave. Hmmm.. Not far away!

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