Harry Barnett… Barnett’s Laptop Hoops

I must be psychic. I just asked a question on Facebook about quilting lap hoops. How people liked them and pros and cons. Then I found the information I was looking for in another post.

Well I have a lot of FB friends and I read a lot and came across Harry Barnett talking about laptop frames and other items custom made by him.

There is even a Youtube video you can click on and view. In my opinion these look like excellent quality hoops.  I was truly impressed with the Featherweight table top for the machines.

Harry custom designs and makes, Original quilting frames, Rug Hooking frames, Cross Stitch frames, Floor Base frames, Sewing and Thread caddies, Featherweight tables and much more.

Just go give his page a look and you will see something you need hopefully. I was really impressed.


I was really interested in the Featherweight 221 Extension Table.

Featherweight table tops

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One Response to Harry Barnett… Barnett’s Laptop Hoops

  1. Claudette Booker says:

    I bought his 14″ square hoop last fall. I love it! So sturdy and well-made.