Help Me Hannah I Am In My Second Childhood, FULL BLOWN!

I figure you have had enough pictures for a day or so. I just wanted you all to see the beauty of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. HEAVEN ON EARTH.

I got up this morning with something on my mind. YEP sure did.

Is there a medical name for going in your second childhood?  I am in one full blown. I have not broken the news to Gary yet but I want a dollhouse. I do not want one finished I want an unfinished one where I can go outside and spray it down with Kilz and get to work. The first thing I would do is take some of my pennies and make the shingles for the roof out of the pennies. I think that would be so neat. Copper roof. Then I would take months to decide all the colors and I would do room by room and when I got through I would have something to last a lifetime for me.

I figure I could make ALL the window treatments, the quilts for the rooms down to the mattresses for the beds.

I am going to start today talking about one. That would be a project both of us could work on.

HELP ME HANNAH..FULL BLOW SECOND CHILDHOOD SYNDROME.. I guess I will say I have FBSCS..  Is there a cure for that???

Do any of you grown ups have a dollhouse?

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5 Responses to Help Me Hannah I Am In My Second Childhood, FULL BLOWN!

  1. BJ Lyle says:

    That would be such a neat thing to do. And something both of you could work on.
    You could use antique salt dips for bowls.
    And stiffened lace for the gingerbread trim around the roof.
    And a big mirror outside for a pond or a pool.
    Great idea!
    BJ Lyle´s last blog post ..My Trip to Texas

  2. That would be a fun project. I like wood houses and love the antique and folk art arks.

    Debbie St.Germain´s last blog post ..Giveaway Winners and a freebie for all!

  3. It says:

    You go girl I have always wanted one just no place it (you know i have so much spare room). I have furniture if you decide to do it. Do it for both of us big sister!!

  4. chris says:

    I need to build two then. I am going to start talking one up!!! LOL I probably wont get one.. It will just go in the UFO Pile..Un Finished Objects!!!! But one can dream can’t we? Happy New Years.. Something is coming your way!

  5. It says:

    no you need to do this…we’ll take it to”our retirment house” like shug me and em you. Do you think we could get that red house by theRRtracks or we could live at 107…we already know those ghosts. Happy Belated birthday.. you are ?58??59?? I forget.