Holy Cow Batman…It is SPIDERWOMAN!

Meet Janice Williams. She is the current Spiderwoman residing in Alabama. Janice is a bead artist. Look at her spiders. They are wonderful. You can use them in your flower pots as I have done or you can just put them in a vase and admire them or anything else you can think of. We are going to have them for sale on our website soon. Right now you can order them through this blog. Just email me and tell me what color category you want. Red, black, blue, green etc and I will get you the most beautiful one in that color category. I accept PayPal and will email you the directions.

They are going to be $7.00 each and free shipping in the USA. Overseas we will have to charge shipping. Email me if you have any questions and soon I will have them added to the website. Below you will see some pictures of just a few I have. There are a lot more and all equally beautiful.





































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2 Responses to Holy Cow Batman…It is SPIDERWOMAN!

  1. wammy says:

    I lvoe the spiders. A give away…one is a must for our garden. I love the very first green one. What fun. Thanks for being willing to give something away.

    I am a self taught quilter and one day will hopefully teach myself how to paper piece. The santa’s look great. Nice machine!

  2. Ethel says:

    Oh, so cute!!! I never thought of spiders as cute, but these definitely are that.