I am having morning, noon and night sickness!

I am suffering from morning sickness. Gary was preparing us  dinner..Orange, apple, dates and walnuts. He opened a can of peanuts and I almost hit the floor on my knees throwing up. For a split second I was having morning sickness..  The only reason I can figure out this one is my birthday is coming up December 25th. Mother always said she was sick the whole 9 months with me because of where she and Dad lived they smelled peanut oil at the factory nearby where peanut butter or something was made out of peanuts. I never have been able to stand the smell of peanut butter in the mornings. You can open a jar and smear on toast and I am no good for 1/2 of the day.. So since it is close to my “delivery date” I guess I am experiencing the morning sickness. Maybe after Thursday the 25th it will pass. I sure hope so!  I hope I do not get a craving for a bottle next week! I guess I better run out and get me some Depends just in case!



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