I am in Giza Egypt. Get my passport ready and saddle up a camel.

Gary my husband hardly ever gets to use my computer. I am always on it doing something at night when we are in our little office/Aunt Janice’s bedroom watching TV. Well he has never asked and I never thought to ask him if he wanted to use the computer. I guess I just assumed he did not. When I would leave to go to my quilting club he would be on the computer all day long. When I would get home in the evening he would be so excited. The last time he met me at the back door and said “I have been to Trinidad to where we used to live when Daddy was in the Navy!” I felt his forehead for a fever and checked him for a stroke but he seemed ok.  He was so excited. He found the location and the house is still there along with all the other buildings that was there when they lived there in the 50’s. Gary will be 64 next month so that was a real long time ago.  I found out he goes to Century 21 Realty and maps a certain location and zooms in on it until he can see everything. Well I bought him a laptop this week for his birthday and we got a wireless router. His birthday is in February but I decided to give it to him early.  Right now we are in Giza Egypt looking at the pyramids.  I swear I saw a camel spit on someone!   Got to run, we are dropping in at Dubai in a few minutes and I must comb my hair and then off to England to take tea with Queen Elizabeth! Reckon she will mind if I show up in my Pj’s? Do I qualify for frequent flyer miles?  OMG I have to tell you. We are now at the Eiffel Tower in Gay Paree…We got stuck at the arc de Triomphe and almost had a wreck!  They drive on the wrong side of the road. You want to hear something funny. I DON’T AND WON’T FLY IN A PLANE!  So I guess until they build a road or we can get there by ship I will just have to look at it online! He really meant it when he said “Marry me and I will take you places you have never been!” Gosh I am crazy in love with that man!

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