I Have Had 24 Hours From H E Double Hockey Sticks!

Spring Through My Window or Murphy's Law as it was making it!

Update for my Peeps on Chris Wheeler Fan Club!! LOL  That is too funny but I know some of you read my post to see what “Lucy” has been up to. Well the last 24 hours have been from H E Double Hockey Sticks!!! MURPHY’S LAW ALL THE WAY! 

It started out last night. I had good intentions of going to bed early. Yes, I do know that is what the road to hell are paved with and I felt like I was headed toward the place at a record rate of speed.  We watch Roseanne each night until 1 and go to bed. I asked Gary could we do something that I fairly despise to do.. Watch tv in the bedroom.  Yes we have one in there but I never have been one that cared for watching TV while laying in bed. I figured by that we could watch a couple of episodes and I could set the timer and drop off to sleep. Didn’t work that way! I despise a TV in the bedroom but I was willing to give it a chance. If you do.. good for you and I am not putting anybody down for doing it, but it is nothing I like. I fiddled around and fiddled around until it was almost 1. We turned the TV off in the living room and by the time I checked the doors , set the burgular alarm, used the bathroom and brushed my teeth it was about 1:30. See I had already backslid.. I was going to be in bed earlier than that..  12:00 was my goal.

Got in bed and was laying there with what I call the big eyes! That is when my eyes open up real big that like commercial that used to run with the baby and the thermometer.. “You are going to put that where?” You get the picture. I layed there and layed there and prayed and prayed until I felt like the good Lord and shut out the lights and went to bed. Nothing still awake. 2:30 .  I got up and went in Aunt Jan’s room when she is here.. Layed on her bed and turned on the TV.. layed and layed and panicked and panicked and all in all about nuts. I bet I went to our bed about 20 times got up and walked the floors, washed dishes and even thought about mopping the laundry room and dining room.  Finally around 3 or so layed back down and went to sleep.  Woke up at 15 to 11:00 after a night of nightmares. I did get up 15 minutes earlier that I did the day before..Small improvement!

Later on went to grocery store and when I got back it was 3 pm.  Now granted I was going to be very creative today. Well I was determined to go upstairs and sew. I have postcards to finish. Got upstairs and was working away without a care in the world and looked and I had already ironed the back of the card where you write on.. Oh dear gussy I was fancy stitching away and now the stitches have come through of the back and I am going to have to iron another back on when I finish.. Well I thought it was not to bad maybe it was just one.. I realized when I flipped 10 over I had done all 10..YES 10 cards wrong.  I finished my business on the cards and decided to sew a beaded strip on the cards over the window. It is like you are looking out the window with curtains and flowers.  I got all that cut and sewn and some of the beads started FALLING OFF.  I realized after a few choice words what was going on and what I could do to prevent it and fixed it.. Got down to the last one and ran out of strips with the beads.. Searched the sewing room all over.. If any of you get cards from me.. I make all mine identically for the swaps. That way I dont get confused. I HAD TO HAVE ANOTHER STRIP OF BEADS  or get in the car and ride 40 miles one way to Joann’s Craft Store, These cards have to go out Monday.   I had to go downstairs to get my camera and when I was going back upstairs to my studio I happened to look over in the bedroom and guess what… I spied some beads dangling off an ottoman that I made for Gary last year.  I am ashamed to say it is now missing about a 3 inch strip of beads but my card sure looks nice! Not only had I messed up the backs of the cards, the beads falling off, the embroidery stitch of my old Janome 8000 messed up on a couple of cards so I hope a few can read the SPRING!

I finally went upstairs and finished my cards. They are drying, yes drying I added some embellishments so I had to use some glue paint!  So I definately have had a H E Double Hockey Sticks Day!  That was one of Urkle’s word instead of (Hell) Get it..H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS! I am  NOT making any promises of going to be early and getting up early.. I will go when I get sleepy wake up when I have had enough, sew if I want to or play if I dont.  You see by me doing that..Things will be ok.. No plans!! If I have a Dr’s appt I will tell them the earliest I can get there is 4:30 pm!!!  I will just go with the flow!

I really had a rough 24 hours but things are looking up..Tonight there are 9 episodes of Roseanne, I got a good looking man sitting in front of me who I am absolutely crazy about and the feeling is the same toward me from him, I am full, warm, clean and happy and earlier today is just a memory now.. Life is looking up isn’t it?

To all of you who read my daily dramatics, silliness and creativity.. THANK YOU..  I hope you keep coming back for more torture!!!! I sure like writing. It is good therapy!

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3 Responses to I Have Had 24 Hours From H E Double Hockey Sticks!

  1. Deara says:

    OH MY, got so nervouse reading your post, had to stop and ask Homer to get me a shot of brandy to calm my nerves. What forth is the matter with you?

  2. chris says:

    Deara I dont know what is wrong with me.. But it probably is related to family!!! By that I mean all their nuttiest ways of being I inherited.

    Kim, thank you for the encouraging word. Yes this will pass. TONIGHT when I take a Benadryl. I am going to try that to see if it makes me sleepy. I am going to your blog right now. The above post looks interesting!