I Just Gained 200 Lbs From Pinterest.

Some are saying “how did she do that?” From reading this blog post about these heavenly homemade rolls. Not only is there the recipe for the rolls, they have actual tutorial pictures on how to do them.


Just go to the site and drool and slobber all over the keyboard. Make the rolls and tell me how they turn out.

Some will say “are you going to make them?”  I sure am going to give it a try. But I am going to have to cut the recipe down because there are just two of us and we can not eat this much in one meal.  So I wonder if you could make them, freeze them for later use. Will someone let me know?


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One Response to I Just Gained 200 Lbs From Pinterest.

  1. Shawkl says:

    Well…Sadie girl…I’m willing to help you out! Just mail be about 50lb worth…and you’ll only be up 150lbs!

    And, BTW, yes you can freeze them. You can cook until almost brown…then heat and finish cooking when you need them. Think you can also freeze them after rolling out…but I’m not sure if that works as well.

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