I Lost An Old Friend Today.


My Memory Craft 8000 from Janome that I have had for 17 years. A few months ago I took it to Kens Sewing Center in Muscle Shoals and they fixed a major problem. The parts for this machine is hard to find because the machine has not been made for a long time. I got it home and did not use it for a week and when I turned it on it had an error. I called Ken’s and Brad told me to bring it back and they would fix it no charge. That was February. Well it still has not been fixed and it is NOT Ken’s fault. It is almost impossible to find parts. I am not mad at them in any way. It is just about impossible to get the parts to work on this machine.

I called and talked with Barbara the lady that works there and I just asked her would they credit me and keep the machine for parts. She asked and yes they would. Today I got my credit and they are keeping my machine. I am going to be honest I have tears in my eyes. That machine meant the world to me.  That may be silly to some of you but it has special meaning to me.

When Gary and I first got married our money was very tight. I watched Aleene’s daily and when Sue Thornton from Janome came on and demonstrated the machine I absolutely drooled. Our anniversary was coming up and Gary told me to get ready we were going somewhere. We got in the car and drove across town and pulled up at Eastwood Sewing Center in Birmingham. We were going in for a “test drive.” We went in and I tried out the machine and I would not act like I was crazy about it because it was a lot of money. More than I had ever spent on anything besides a car. Well he asked me if I liked it and I said I did. He told them man that we would take it. I nearly flatlined in the place. This machine was a lot of money and two I could not believe that after watching Sue each day demonstrating the machine that I was going to have one. I floated out of the machine place. Happy as a lark.

Well this Sunday is my anniversary and even though I am so happy because I have such a good marriage and a kind and loving husband, I am having to give up something that I love, my Memory Craft 8000.

Goodbye and you sure were good to me and you gave me many good hours of sewing! I just thought, I got it on my anniversary and now I am losing it on my anniversary. I truly am sad! 

I would like to say thank you to Ken’s Sewing Center in Muscle Shoals, AL. If you have been to any of the American Quilter Society Quilt Shows in Paducah, Nashville or Knoxville you have seen them there. Check out their site http://kenssewingcenter.com/   They ship all over. They are honest nice people and I have bought a lot there and will continue. Take care of my machine and I hopefully will visit her sometimes!

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5 Responses to I Lost An Old Friend Today.

  1. your works are great. hugs
    AlessandraLace´s last blog post ..Ancora rose speciali – More special roses

  2. Karen says:

    sweet story – hope you get a new machine you love – or maybe you already have another. Happy Anniversary!
    Karen´s last blog post ..Farmers Wife

  3. so sorry you lost this ‘old friend’ Chris.
    Mary G Shipman´s last blog post ..For those who would rather eat than stitch or look at pretty things…

  4. BJ Lyle says:

    I hate that you’ve lost your old friend. That’s how I was when my Athena 2000 started acting up. What I would not give to get another motherboard for it!
    At least you still have Gary & a lot of pretty quilts to show for the years you had that machine!

  5. My dear hubby bought me a Janome Memory Craft 4800 while we were at a family reunion in 2004. Such a sweet gift and such a sweet guy. I use it all the time. Sew sorry about your machine. Glad you have good memories of it.
    Cheryl Parker´s last blog post ..Something done and learned something new