I Show The Good I Show The Bad!

Worked ALL DAY!!!!  On had a few moments of @%&()(&%#    One was at the very end after I turned the project inside out and realized the right side at the top caught in the lining and I refuse to start all over.

You know what??? It is my purse and I love it so it is fine with me. The next one IF THERE IS ONE..LOL  I am just tired and spouting off so pay me no mind!  Well the next one I am going to use regular lining. I believe that will work better than the thick fabric I used.

I started the project at 2:30 pm and with the exception of stopping for one hour making taco salads, (Deara came to dinner) I just finished and it is 9:30.  You know the first time you try anything there is always a bug and it takes longer. I read each paragraphs over and over to make sure I did not waste my day.

I guess in my book I am a “winner.”  I gave it a try and it worked all except one tiny bug and I like it anyway! You learn by your mistakes. If you could only see the scrap bag I have of quilting projects that got a good ^%#@#%^&*   and thrown in the scrap bag!  Trial and error!

IMG_0140 IMG_0141


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2 Responses to I Show The Good I Show The Bad!

  1. Daren Lewis says:

    Looks very cool!!

  2. Deara Myers says:

    Saw it just before finishing and it looked Great!!!! You expect too much from yourself. You will only get better and better, after all, how long have you been doing this? You shouldn’t have stopped and fixed those delicious salads. Next time we’ll have the old stand by”Mayo Roll Over” lol