I Think There Is Hope For Me Now!


Dumped out the sack and it was full of good items.IMG_8965

First time I needed something I did not have. I needed a fine mesh strainer. I have a regular strainer so It was a job getting the quinoa to stay in the strainer and not down the drainer!IMG_8966

Ingredients came in this sack or poke as we say in the South.  I am using it for my garbage can. If you look to the right you can see my helpers head. I gave him a break. I let him watch NYPD as I cooked. Truth be known he is napping like he is now!!!IMG_8967

This pan looks horrible. Yes it is clean, yes it is old. It is older than me!!!  It was my Granny’s biscuit pan. I am sixty three and I remember seeing her use the pan when I was a small child. It is not dirty it is just worn. I could not part with it. Well make an offer!IMG_8968

To all who know me I bet you are surprised I have parchment paper and USE IT.IMG_8969


I am sucking on photo’s today.


Quinoa on the stove. It matches our granite. Our stove is four years old and so clean. I love a clean stove.  Sometimes I turn all the eyes on when I am cooking for just a minute and I rotate which eye I use when I only have one pot. In Feng Shui that signifies prosperity burning all the gas eyes for a minute. I want to do all I can to stay in line with my Feng Shui. On some areas I slipped some but I am trying to get back on track.IMG_8972

So pretty.IMG_8974

Hazelnuts about to bake on the parchment paper.IMG_8975 IMG_8977

Nuts cooking for ten minutes.IMG_8978

I better use my favorite pot holder to keep from getting burned. Auburn Tigers. I hope they have a better year this year!IMG_8979

I have two timers going. Nuts for ten minutes and veggie mix for twenty five minutes. I hope I do not get these mixed up. Burn up the nuts and the veggies raw.IMG_8980

I love summer squash.IMG_8981

I am learning to chop without losing a finger.IMG_8983

I better check again. ( I just wanted to show the pot holder)IMG_8985

Looks beautiful and still matches the granite.IMG_8987

Smells good taste good.IMG_8988

Lord please do not let me find a worm. I remember sitting on my Granny’s front porch shucking corn scared to no end there was going to be a worm when I pulled back the silk. There was not one this time thank goodness.IMG_8989

SunBasket even gave instructions on how to cut corn off the cob. I was thinking about saving the cob for a pipe and then I remember after my 30 plus years of genealogy research one of my grandmothers lived to be over 100. She would have lived a lot longer but she bent over to light her corn cob pipe and fell in the fire to her death!! I kid you not.  She was on the Fitzpatrick side if I am not mistaken. I think her name was Sarah Perry. I am just calling that from memory but I have her story. Her husband was Abner Perry.IMG_8991

Grape seed oil in the pan.IMG_8995

Cooled nuts in the chopper. IMG_8999

I love our clean pretty kitchen. By accident I found out how to keep your stainless steel looking good. I do not have the kind that does not show fingerprints. I have the kind of stainless steel that shows everything. I was wiping off the counters and faucets with my Clorox wipes and I saw something on the refrigerator. I swiped over it and it looked so good I cleaned everything with the wipes. The dishwasher looks wonderful. No finger prints no water stains.. CLOROX WIPES my new stainless cleaner. It is amazing how by accident you find something that works. I have been up early in the morning can not sleep cleaning it with mineral oil. Now the wipes are my best friend.IMG_9001 IMG_9003

The veggies looked beautiful.IMG_9004

I have never been what you call anything but a cornbread, greens, potato, beans type of cook. I do however love gadgets. I would see something and buy it and say “I’ll need it one day.” Well you know this day has finally come.  I am using tools I have had for years.  I am glad I got it so I’ll have it when I need it!IMG_9006

Here we go again. I am getting to give Granny’s juicer a workout.IMG_9007

I dont know why this is sideways. But if I had paid attention to the last paragraph last week I would have not had the Hazelnuts all over the floor like eyeballs rolling at a Halloween party.IMG_9008

Coming together nicely.IMG_9009

I love lemon zest and lime zest. It always scares me that I am going to zest my knuckles but so far so good.IMG_9010

You tube taught me how to get every drop of the juice out of the lemon.IMG_9011

Clean up is a breeze.IMG_9012 IMG_9013

No other spice makes me happier than mint. I love the smell, I love the taste and I could go for a glass of mint iced tea about right now.IMG_9026

It all looks so pretty and smells go good.


This cheese is good. I do not ever remember eating any until today.IMG_9028

Just the right amount of honey I am about to drizzle. Even if the writing is upside down. IMG_9031

My plate.IMG_9034

The picture that came with the cook book. I think I chopped the nuts too finely but it worked for us.IMG_9035

My plate.IMG_9036

Precious plate.  We had enough to have again tomorrow night and I am looking forward to Thursday night for the second selection we received! Stay tuned!




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  1. Looks like a LOT of work. I’m a lazy cook. My lasagna recipe calls for ricotta as a substitute for cottage cheese. The ricotta makes the lasagna less runny.
    Cheryl Parker´s last blog post ..Book Review