I Threw Out The New Years Resolutions!

All of you know from time to time I talk about Carol, my webmaster and friend. I could not do without her. For instance, when there are security issues with WordPress or problems I never give them a thought. She automatically upgrades and takes care of what needs to be taken care of or fix what I have broken. That is why I am very pleased with her services she offers. I have learned a lot of things from her. One is her list. She keeps a list of notes a mile long. Does her work and marks them off one by one. We had lunch today. She got out of the car with her list! I thought how smart. If she is sitting there and something comes up that she needs to remember she writes it down. I am going to try to have a list myself. I do find that if I do, I get more done. I feel a sense of accomplishment. 

I do not make resolutions. You know why, they are like rules to me and my attitude is always that rules were made to be broken. I break the first resolution within 5 minutes of making it. To me it is stressful. I should be making resolutions daily if anything. Maybe the first thing in the morning I can make the resolution for the day.

I need to make a list, stick to it and get my projects done.  I have had a quilt kit that I bought 3 years ago. Did I say three?  Yes I did. I bought it the last time the American Quilters Society Quilt Show was at the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville, TN. I got started on it and had some trouble with my applique button stitch on the machine. I put it aside, got my machine fix and not touched it again. I am ready to put it on my list and get it finished.  I have maybe 10 at the most UFO’s counting the tops that I need to quilt. Yes I have a Tin Lizzie. Have I used it much? NO! Why? Because I am terrified of it. Well I was terrified. But that is on my list. Get it cleaned out and oiled and get busy. I just hate it when something intimidates me. Now go figure that one? I am not terrified of much but I let a sewing machine scare the heck out of me!

So no there will NOT be any resolutions for 2011 but there will be my “Carol list”. She has been a good influence on me.  I am blessed to have her as my wizard and friend.

You can see her work here at http://2fishweb.com/.

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3 Responses to I Threw Out The New Years Resolutions!

  1. Ah, Chris, you are too sweet.

    In case anyone is interested, here is The List and how I work with it:

    The List

    That’s this morning’s actual list, by the way.

    It’s a morning ritual. Before I ever get out of bed, I pick up the legal pad and pen and write out The Big List (left). This is everything on my plate at the moment: errands to run, housework, cooking, laundry, exercise and health stuff, and “work work” for clients.

    Then I prioritize, pick just a few things that really must be done today, and I write them on a 4″ x 6″ yellow Post-It note. That gets stuck to the front of The Book (right). The interior of The Book has a perpetual grocery list (“Hon? We’re out of yogurt; can you add it to The List?”), a calendar, notes of the day. It’s not a diary or sketchbook, though it can be both… it’s my auxiliary brain. At this point in my life, if it isn’t written down, it doesn’t happen. And The Book goes everywhere with me in case I need to write something down.

    Note that I do all this longhand. Research has shown that writing out things to remember using pen and paper does something to help seat those items in your memory. Typing a to-do list on the computer or your smart phone just doesn’t have the same effect.

    One last tip – find the best notebook and the most comfortable pens. If it’s a literal pain in the hands to write all this out, you won’t find it very helpful.

  2. Mary in MO says:

    Great post! I will not be making resolutions either, I do ‘live by a list’, not as extensive as Carol’s, but hand written and workable… and yes, something like her “BOOK” with a perpetual grocery list too…
    I’m glad to know there are others out there.
    Mary in MO´s last blog post ..Out with the old- in with the new…

  3. Aunt Jan says:

    After I read Carol’s list, I got dizzy, had to lie down and put wet wash cloth on forehead. My, that girl is organized and so talented. Kudos(spelling?) to Carol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!