I Want Everyone To Read This Post.

I am giving you a link to Stephen Vinson’s Sad Day post. NOT because I am happy about it or because the lady was obese but because what happened to her to cause her death. This goes to show that we should not let minor things go uncared for. I am the world worst not going to doctors.  I about have to be down and out for the count to go.  It will not be that way no more.

For the ones that do not know Stephen, well he is a sweet blessing.  He is on a major weight loss journey. Started at 632 lbs and is succeeding in his journey to shed those pounds. I cant wait to read his post everyday to see what is going on in his life.  He has a lot of fans and cheerleaders! The most beautiful smile on his face always brings sunshine to me.

I am sad for him in the loss of his Aunt but I think this is a story that we all need to read.


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