JUNE GIVE A WAY……If Oprah Can Have Her Book Club So Can I And MAKE THIS A GIVE A WAY!!!

Ok first I have some explaining. I RARELY read fiction. I am a true story, history, craft, murder, gossip lady!!!   I just do not care for fiction. WELL one day on a site I get emails from www.pixelofink.com I was offered a free book. “Trouble In Mudbug” was the name. Oh the cover was cute with a red country looking truck and it looked like I could struggle through it.  STRUGGLE TO PUT IT DOWN is more like it.. I fell in love that day with the Ghost In Law Series by Jana DeLeon.

I am going to give you the link where you can go and read about the books and Jana.  You see I have a hard time telling people about books and movies. I start out like “Well there was this lady that climbed out of a coffin during her funeral and only appeared to her daughter in law and then all you know what broke loose and you just need to read it you will like it.”  I never have been able to explain.  So here just go to Jana’s site and look at the books and read the description and order them. You can get a special on Amazon for your Kindle. Some will say “I do not have a Kindle.” Yes you do. If you have a computer you have a Kindle. If you have an Ipad you have a Kindle. You can load the Kindle to your device. Sometimes I sit here on the couch reading books on my computer.

Here is the site then go to www.amazon.com and order the books. I promise you will not be sorry. Like I said in the beginning I despised fiction. Oh how I love this fiction. It kept me so occupied that my hubby did not hear a peep out of me. We went on a trip and I did not say two words the entire time. I was busy reading.

Click here  http://janadeleon.com and you can click bookstore and order the books from there and they will be autographed. Dang that is awesome!!!

I tell you what I will make this a give a way because I love the books so much I want you to read them.  Just enter . You do not have to do anything well one thing. When you read the book you pass it on to someone else to read. This is about the funniest, exciting, action packed books. I love them.  Just enter in the comments and I will go ahead and get you the first book. Hope you win.. I will pick the winner 4th of July!!!  AND I FORGOT TO TELL YOU .. a message from Jana.  But never fear your copy I am giving away to one lucky winner will be autographed from Jana and as always I’ll include some extra goodies for you.

Please remember to send me an email through my 
website contact form if you are interested in having your copies autographed.


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  1. Cheryl says:

    I read lots of fiction, mainly mysteries. I do love historical books and bio’s. Sounds funny.
    Cheryl´s last blog post ..A Finish! and a New Quilt Store!