It Is A Miracle! I Cooked!


Hubby tried to take me to eat today. We were out and about again and he asked me did I want to go to lunch.. Sure did not. Reason being I am forcing myself to cook and to do better on the cooking.

He then asked what we were having and I said a surprise. I thought to myself it will be a surprise if it is edible with my skills.

Just last night I was searching a recipe I made 24 years ago. I know you all are laughing but Gary’s brother Pat and his wife Brandi were coming to our home for dinner and this was my first time to cook for them and I absolutely was a nervous wreck.

I buy Bisquick. There was an offer for one of those free cookbooks for boxtops and I saved mine and mailed them in and got my tiny cookbook. It in was Impossibly Easy Seafood Pie. It sounded great. I made it and it turned out wonderful. Brandi asked me over and over for the recipe but being just new to the family I was embarrassed to give it to her. Later on a few months later I finally gave in and made a copy for her.

Tonight we are having Impossibly Easy Seafood Pie. I AM PRAYING that is it possible that it turns out good. 

Impossibly Easy Seafood Pie


recipe photo

When the fire alarm goes off and ADT calls I will know it is ready!  Bon Appetite!
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3 Responses to It Is A Miracle! I Cooked!

  1. That looks delicious, I hope it turns out as well as the first time.
    The first thing I remember trying to cook was stew meat, how was I to know you couldn’t fry it in a pain, like regular meat, lol.

    Debbie St. Germain´s last blog post ..Saturday Stroll and Slithering things!

  2. Seafood! Yum! Did ADT call? I bet this one turned out yummy! Keep trying.
    Cheryl Parker´s last blog post ..Thrift store &amp yard sale finds- and one even better!

  3. chris says:

    This one turned out YUMMY…. It will be even better tomorrow warmed up!! Its a keeper!!!