I've got the bug. The nasty Y2K bug!


10 years ago this week, a large majority of the world was stockpiling  water, toilet paper, and other items. We even got a 500 gallon propane gas tank filled to the brim with gas, crackers, rice, beans stored in canning jars in the pantry and under the beds in boxes, ready to keep us alive, hiding money, piling up blankets, extra security on the home and waiting for the bug.. the Y2K bug. At midnight, the banks were going to fail, all the information on everyone in the  world disappear,  computers completely shut down, never to work again , banks shut down without a way to get to your money, electricity cease to exist, phones not ring, cars would not crank and your neighbor would appear on your doorstep with 666 on their foreheads! 

For months we listened all night long to Coast to Coast with Art Bell. He had us terrified.  His sponsors were selling food rations in sealed packages for the time following midnight December 31, 1999.  Art and Ramona, his wife at that time was giving us ways to survive during this tribulation period. Whatever you do…don’t take the mark!!  We stayed glued to the radio as if it were H.G. Wells telling us about the arrival of the aliens in Wars of the Worlds.  We were sure anarchy was going to break out in the streets. We were waiting, rifles, shotguns, pistols and enough shells to hold off the masses! 

This was the first New Years Eve we decided not to work at the our jobs at the Post Office.  Yep we were then Postal Workers night shift. From 10 pm to 6:30 am your mind can wonder out into the darkness with only the voices of the night on the radio! We were terrified. How could this happen to the world? Could someone not stop it?   We anxiously sat up to ring in the new year, not with toast of glasses full of champagne,laughter, love , hugs and kisses and dreams of the year 2000, but with fear of not knowing what the unknown was going to bring. I was still trying to figure out if  I had  gotten enough paper goods that filled boxes under each bed but I hope we would have enough. After all surely someone would have restored order before we went through 2000 rolls of toilet paper and ate up 3000 jars of pinto’s and drank 4000 cases of water while listening to our wind up radio from CCrane Company and used up all the power from our solar power flashlights! Thank goodness I had canned an extra lot of food this summer. I could help feed the neighbors and possibly find someone to loan me a horse to go to another town to get Aunt Jan to bring her here to safety. We could travel during the night out of sight of the people pilfering and robbing and doing their dirty deeds! Hide in the ditches and woods making our way back to keep out of harm.  Surely someone would come through for us and help us.  All this had gone through our minds for months. Planning and wondering what we were going to do and could do.

Here is was December 31, 1999. Gary and I sat on the couch holding hands , hearts beating loudly with fear, staring at the clock ticking off the time and hoping that when exactly 12 midnight came and the ball was going to drop at Time Square in New York that it would not be the end for us in the world as we had known for a long time and learned to love. THE END. Scary!  10, 9 , 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Kisses and hugs possibly goodbye,  HAPPY NEW YEAR and not even a flicker of the lights! We made it.We still had our credit, we were warm, our computers worked,we had gas for our vehicles, money in our banks, did not lose out identity and I did not have to ride a horse to Anniston nor did I have to fire off one single round!   HAPPY NEW YEAR    Y 2 K is 10 years old this week! I am still using items I stashed back from the “bug”. Were we all not silly for worrying????    Sometimes now I wish my computer did not work and my phone would not ring!  Well maybe just the phone! I could not do with out my computer!

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  1. I missed out on the Y2K bug, though my dad was ready. Actually, I still have three 25-gallon barrels of distilled water that he had stored for Y2K — They were still in his house when he died a couple of years later and I keep telling myself I’ll use them to water the garden, or something. Then I forget because it’s so much easier to turn on the garden hose!

    With me it’s zombies. I have a freezer and pantry stocked, and when people ask me why I have so much stuff stored, I just smile and say “I’m ready for when the zombies come.”
    .-= Carol Logan Newbill´s last blog ..WordPress Wednesday will return next week =-.

  2. Gene Black says:

    Ha ha.. I remember that also. We spent a lot of time at work making sure our computers were compliant.

    Then Dave and I went to Gulf Shores for the big event. We sat that night in Coconut Willie’s eating FRESH seafood and having a drink. We watched the New Year arrive in – I think it was Australia – and then an hour later somewhere else. The world wasn’t ending there SO we went back to the hotel and opened champagne at midnight. Then we laughed about the “end of the world” doomsayers and went to sleep.

    Why Gulf Shores? Well if you are going to be without anything – the beach is a good place to be. You can fish/crab/etc for food and it is warm enough to survive without all the fuel that wouldn’t be accessible anymore. Oh and most important – I love the beach!
    .-= Gene Black´s last blog ..Catching up =-.

  3. chris says:

    Well I was not quite as bad as I made it sound. But we did have a lot of toilet paper and blankets. I had canned that summer as I do always and we had full tanks of gas in the car , tank outside filled and we were ready and some money stashed away. I guess I figured I could walk to the store if needed..

    You remember the storm of 93? We were 5 days with out anything but cold running water. No telephone, no heat, no way to cook food. Thank goodness I had a kerosene heater. We stayed in one room and played Scrabble and Monopoly until my eyes were blood red. Well after that we decided no more would we get in that predictament so we had a gas stove put in the house, gas hotwater heater and the small gas stoves which I still love now.. We were prepared.. Since then I think we have had one snow that last about 3 hours and melted. So if you want something NOT to ever happen be prepared. We are getting a storm shelter. Gary does not like tornadoes. So I can’t wait because that means we will never have another tornado!! My logic anyway! We laugh at it now. Art Bell spent all night long for many months putting fear in all of us.. Oh it was going to be horrible and the world would collapse and so forth. I was terrified. He probably made a fortune off the sponsors and then he retired off the air. I do miss him.. I was a faithful listener every night and he did have some good shows.