January 2, 2013 It Is A New Day In The Neighborhood!

Just call me Mr. Rogers or Ms. Rogers.  It is a new day in the neighborhood.

Yesterday while Gary watched football and I took it easy, well if you want to call it that, I worked on getting the wireless printer setup on our computers and how to load a quilt on the Tin Lizzie.  I am determined this week to get started with Shug.

Also I looked for us a scanner to use to scan endless boxes full of genealogy and photo’s.

You can read the article I had a couple of years ago and see my desperation!!! No seriously I have let this scare me for too long. It is time I step up to the plate and what the devil out of my fears with a bat! Any of you feel that way?

http://welovequilting.com/i-am-in-love-and-her-name-is-lizzie/ This was a post I had years ago,yes I SAID YEARS AGO!  I am ashamed of the years I have had that long arm and just walked around it and looked at it and TALKED to it daily. Well enough talking.. Get to stitching.

Stay tuned for “Adventures With Shug!”

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