January 3, 2013 Change Coming!

I am going to try several things this year on the blog. One is I am not going to have a give a way each month. What I am going to do is have surprise give a ways during the year. You never know when they are going to happen.

Then I am going for a new look. I have not decided on that one yet. I do not know if I want modern, scrappy, primitive or what.  Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

I do not make resolutions but what I can say is I am going to try to blog something daily. I may most of the time but there is going to be a lot of times I do not have a single word to say.

Do you have moments like that?

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2 Responses to January 3, 2013 Change Coming!

  1. sue niven says:

    I often have thoughts like that, Sometimes I blog a couple of times a day if I am on a roll!
    Whatever you do for this year, Make sure you have fun!

  2. I think a prim look to match your header photo.
    I need to play with graphics and try my own backgrounds. I found a tutorial, so will see if I can figure it out. Hard to match mine and I want something that is nautical that I can change up with the seasons.