I want to believe UFO picture

Well maybe not the entire world but I sure can put a dent in my sewing room!

I have this poster up in an office/bedroom/genealogy headquarters/soon to be downstairs sewing area.

I want to clear out and convert this room to a sewing room. It is going to take some work and time .

THEN I have quite a few UFO projects …Un Finished Objects! I am infiltrated with them. THEY NEED TO GO.

Here is the first one in particular I am going to be working on. I bought this quilt kit the last time the American Quilters Society had the show at the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville, TN.

I have only been to one AQS show after that and it was in Knoxville, Tennessee. They will never be the same again after having moved out of the Gaylord. A big mistake in my belief but no one called me and asked.

Oh well here is the quilt kit I bought. It is about 1/4 finished and I am about to get started tomorrow on the pattern.


This is the pattern.

Here is a quilt I found online at http://www.thequiltingpage.com/Ribbon%20Winner%20photos/Echoes%20of%20past/Echoes%20of%20the%20Past%20whole.JPG

Echoes of the Past whole

Here is a peek of a part of ONE block that I have finished. I have more made, well the centers so I am going to show you one.DSCN4710

One good thing.. I found a pair of glasses in the box that I had been looking for! Only been missing about three years.


If all else fails, I’ll phone Fox Mulder and Dana Skully to come help! I sure miss the X-Files. The shows we have today are not that great.

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2 Responses to January 4, 2013 I WANT TO RID THE WORLD OF UFO’S

  1. Dee Dee says:

    You are going to love this quilt when it is finished. My mother and I went on a vacation to AZ and we visited a quilt shop. They had these patterns and the blocks were on the wall. I thought it would make the best souvenir for her for the trip. We sent hours picking out the fabrics, they had to have a southwest theme.

    I made the quilt larger so it would fit a queen size bed.

    I machined appliques all my pieces and she loves it.

    The Batiks you used are perfect for the lizard.

    Hope you enjoy making this quilt as much as I did.

  2. I really like that quilt, beautiful fabrics too.
    I am still recovering from the holidays and fighting the flu bug, so working on lap projects, but going to go through my pile too and make one thing at a time.

    Debbie St.GermainĀ“s last blog post ..Giveaway Goodies!