Jeans, Jeans, Jeans Everywhere!

I am not kidding. I would estimate we have several hundred maybe two hundred pair of jeans.  Mother used to frequent garage sales and buy them for a quarter each . She would cut off the legs and make those blue jean purses that you use the top half of the jeans. She would either make a belt, buy one at a garage sales or most of the time use some type of scarf and run it through the belt loops.  She got tired of making them as she did everything so she gave me all the jeans. I have them packed in about 8 huge boxes. They have been here for about 14 years. All washed and still clean. Yesterday we started going through them. I found about 20 pair that I could wear so they are keepers and the rest my husband has started cutting up. I am going to try to make some purses out of the top parts and the legs he is cutting in all different size squares. We are using every inch of the jeans possible.

I think the squares will be sewn together with possibly some homespun fabric so it will fray nicely. These will make great childrens quilts, quilts to take to the beach or picnics. These you can throw on the ground and then put in the wash.

I am going to go scavenge through his trash can and see if there are any pieces big enough that I can use to cut out flowers. I think these will be great added to purses and other items.

What other ideas would you suggest to do with the jeans?

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6 Responses to Jeans, Jeans, Jeans Everywhere!

  1. Marcia K says:

    I think they would make nice braided dog leashes.. also they would make nice , and cute placemat for pets (not that they aren’t wonderful for everything else), I think they would make such cute and stylish purses.. I would certainly carry one!
    Marcia K´s last blog post ..Stitching Issues

  2. Deara says:

    I was so excited to hear about the purses, can’t think of a/thing right now to use them for but will certainly contact you if I can, but I DEFINITELY want to put in my order NOW for a purse. I had one years ago and carried it until it looked pityful. Please post when they are ready.

  3. sandra parsons says:

    Hi Chris, Firstly THANK YOU for my lovely prizes you sent me from your Feb Giveaway. They are beautiful, needle felting tools and book and other goodies. I feel so fortunate. I have sent you an email. 🙂
    As for the denim, I have seen pictures of small purses made from the pockets. Also diary covers, pencil rolls or rolls to hold knitting needles, maybe little dog coats with a flannel lining??? I am sure you will come up with some great ideas. Hugs, Sandy.

  4. I love to cut jeans off at the crotch, sew a seam across, add a colorful lining, some straps made from the legs, and make a colorful “belt” to put throught the belt loops to add more color. This makes a cool bag that never fails to get comments. You can also make a cute kitchen apron by just using the jean fronts, cutting at the crotch to make an overall tapered curve. Add ties by fishing something pretty through the belt loops or just sewing on reserved denim ties. You could get fancy and attach prairie points, a ruffle or lace along the sides, curved bottom. Very cute!

    It’s funny…I found your blog by googling for Waite’s Bakery. It took me to a post of yours about gingerbread cookies. I grew up in Birmingham, worked at Waite’s decorating cakes the summer between my Freshman and Sophmore years at Auburn, and I was googling, hoping to find a recipe for this frosting we used to make for one of the many undecorated “counter cakes” we used to fill the case with every day. It was so good and I wanted, after all these years, to re-create that cake. I turned 50 in December, and now I can’t remember how we used to make this tasty orange-buttercream fluffy frosting. Oh well…it was fun to find a fellow quilter with memories of that fabulous family bakery. They were excellent people, and I am sorry to hear that the bakery is no longer open.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  5. Cassie says:

    I’ve seen some recent quilts made from jeans… they didn’t do squares, they did wide strips from the legs, less cutting and such. Hmm tried to find it but couldn’t… here’s a picture of something similar.

    I also saw a picture of a cute apron they had made using the back part of the jeans. That’s cute

    Good luck!

  6. Many years ago I made jeans quilts with frayed open seams and different plaid flannels on the back. Great picnic quilts. You could also make a picnic tote bag to match. Fun!