Jeepers, Creepers, Check out those PEEPERS!

Hey, normally I would not even be interested in any eyeglass service online but I have to tell you about this service. Gary, my husband gets this medical report from a doctor that sends him something every month. We have found a lot of good things off this newsletter. This one particular month there was an article about this optical place that had glasses starting at $8.00.  Yes I said it right. Well I was not sure but I checked it out and they had some great frames and offered progressive and tinted lens also.  I told a friend of mine, Gene and he ordered some. I think they were around $50.00 dollars including shipping. Gene came to my house a couple of weeks ago and he had a pair that he had spent around $300.00 on and these. He put on one pair took them off and put on the other. I did not know which was which and I liked one pair a lot better than the other. Turns out the Zenni Optical pair was the ones I liked the best. The frames were very nice and looked great on him.  So you see you can order here even if it is a spare pair and have a great pair of glasses VERY REASONABLE!   just give it a peep!  I have an eye appointment in a few months and I will be getting mine from Zenni Optical. It is a law that your eye doctor has to give you a copy of the prescription, whether they want to or not. ASK.

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