June 29, 1929


Top left hand corner picture ( I cant find my original) is my Grandparents which I lived with growing up most of the time! No one on earth will ever know how I felt about them. They were everything to me. Well tomorrow is Pop and Granny’s 81st Wedding Anniversary. Happy Anniversary . I love you both very much and miss you.  I will see you in about 1000 years!   The top left was made on their wedding day. If they were still here they would be with me. Both over 100 and probably “cantankerous” but you know, it would be ok..

The top two pictures. Sadie Mae Taylor and Lee Roy Fitzpatrick. Married June 29, 1929. 

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One Response to June 29, 1929

  1. cecilia smith says:

    Hi Chris,
    Just wondered if you had known my grandparents growing up. They lived at 602 Alabama St. They were Clayton and Annie Parrish.
    My aunt was Bertha Word. She lived on Southern Ave, I think. Anyway she was always having alterations done on her clothes by Violet Fitzpatrick. Was she related to you?