Just Call Me The Bag Lady

Are you like me? When you go to the grocery store you cringe seeing the plastic bags? I prefer the paper bags because you can recyle them in to other things. I have used them to wrap presents, to cover books, to wrap boxes going out in the mail and a ton of other uses.

Lot of the stores have switched to plastic. I have switched to my own shopping bag.

I was reading http://www.craftydeb.com/ which by the way is a great site and she had a link to a zillion or it seems like a zillion bag tutorials.

I think I am going to have to try to make a few. Nothing like being spiffy at Whole Foods!

Here are the links and I hope you find something there you like. I did!

Here is also a link to  things you can do with plastic bags http://pinterest.com/sherron/plastic-bag-crafts/


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