Kathy’s Way

At night I read tons of blogs and web sites. One of my favorites is http://www.shawkl.com/  This week Kathy had something that caught my eye and as soon as I get caught up with my zillion of UFOs that keep on filling up my home I am going to be trying my hand at this embroidery on dark fabric.

Here is a great technique on how to transfer the pattern to the dark fabric. I would have not had a clue how to do this.  http://www.shawkl.com/2013/01/transfering-design-to-dark-fabrics.html


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2 Responses to Kathy’s Way

  1. I saw that one and I do have the chalk powder to use with stencils, but would love an easier way to do stitchery on wool. I got some wash away paper, but it tends to move around as you work.


  2. chris says:

    Could you use painters tape to tape the piece down or pin it?