Lady Jane Quilting

Heart be still.  Quit fluttering!

You know how from time to time we hate social media?  I know I do.  However one good thing that came out of it was me meeting Hester Helena Jeffrey on social media, a purse picture brought us together.

I am not the norm when it comes to having to walk around with a purse that totally matches my shoes and accessories. I sometimes get a glimpse of me in a mirror in a store and think “you look like a rodeo clown.” I just about will have anything on. It does not matter. I make my own style. Well I am now going to be styling with these purses. Notice I said PURSES  that means I am getting more than one.

She produces all this beautiful art from South Africa.  Here are her blogs. Go look and shop. You can just even go look and not shop. But I am willing to say you will want to shop.

Here are the pictures of a few of the purses.  One is mine. I can not wait to see which one and for it to arrive here in the United States. My goal this year is to only buy things from artists. We all can have something from a big box store that everyone on earth is walking around one but it is special to be walking around with an item that you have the only one in the world. Well the design anyway. Million purses can be made but two will not have the same design on the stitching. Oh do not be like me.  “Oh I love this one” only to find out that the pictures with the pockets are the backs of the purse. Sometimes I even amaze myself at what comes out of my mind. So when you see a pocket it is the back!!!

Denim Bag 4 back Denim Bag Back 1 Denim Bag back 2 Denim Bag Back 3 Denim Bag Front 1 Denim Bag Front 2 Denim Bag Front 3 Denim Bag Front 4 Denim Bag in Process

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2 Responses to Lady Jane Quilting

  1. Susan Ellis says:

    Beautiful amazing quilting, truly inspiring!

  2. Those are beautiful, and actually like the materials and designs, but I am one of those who has one purse and I only change out to a black one for church, lol. I have a canvas knapsack style so I can throw it on my back when I am shopping or get out for a walk.

    Thanks for the quilting link, bookmarked it so I can check out the designs. I have a pfaff sit down quilter on order, so I can finally quilt easier than on a regular machine and I might actually get things done;)

    Debbie St Germain´s last blog post ..Twelve Days of Christmas: My Day!