Life is going to be nice at the Wheeler Household! XOXOXOXO


No this is not me! But it will be if I dont move!!!   For about a year this has been the conversation at the Wheeler Household.. Aunt Jan can testify at this! 

Gary:  We need to go to the grocery store we are out of some things.

Chris:  Sure and they still have my bicycle at Walmart!

Gary: Where do you want to go for vacation.

Chris: Anywhere would be nice, and they have my bicycle still at Walmart!

Gary: Would you like to go eat lunch out today!

Chris: Oh sure , that would be nice and they still have my bicycle at Walmart!

Gary: I dont feel well..

Chris: Oh call your Dr. for appt and they STILL have my bicycle at Walmart!

I brought the bicycle up so much that Aunt Jan and Gary would scream , holler and cover their ears up when I was in the car.. I found a way to say my bicycle in just about every conversation!! I tell you how bad it was..I would go get groceries and head to the bike ride, see it and then I would  tell the bike, “Dont worry you will be going home with me soon!” I had faith..It paid off.

WELL THEY WONT AFTER TOMORROW!!!!!!! HAPPY VALENTINES LITTLE SWEET WOMAN!! You are getting your pale blue gray bicycle tomorrow from Walmart!! Oh gosh I can’t wait. I think I will sit up all night and wait for tomorrow!! I am going to ride to Canada over to Oregon back down to Texas and then over to South Carolina.  I need a GPS for my bike and a computer to mount on the handle bars so I can keep up with where I am going. 

When we were kids when we first got out bike , mother made us ride in the yard for weeks..Now you picture this.. the yard was so small we had to ride and then get off the bike and turn it around about taking down the chain linked fence. The first time I was allowed to ride off from the yard I stayed gone all day long. Back then there was no cellphones so it was a miracle of God that she did not send the sheriff out after me!! I ventured out to parts unknown of Piedmont, Alabama. I kept the roads hot and wore out my tires, I would go by the cemetery to check on the folks there, ride to the city pool to see who was swimming, twirl around by the cotton mill, head to the Dairy Queen on the hill for a Dilly Cone.. Have you ever pulled up to the drive through window on a bike!!TOOOO COOOLLL.

I AM GETTING A BICYCLE!!!!!!!!!!  Oh I forgot to tell hubby is getting one also. He figures if I am going to be having fun he is going to be having fun..

I am already dreaming of a basket, bell that I can ring, water bottle holder and one of those horns you mash and it honk!  Heck I may even put a clothes pin and paper on the spokes to make noise when I ride!!!!  Oh Thank you Gary…You made my day!!!!!  Look out I may be in your town and if you see me please give me some water!!!

If you hear of a woman arrested in Walmart in the Birmingham Area you know somebody has beat me to the bicycle..I have had it picked out with the model name, number and price  for months.

I want some reflectors and a small tag with my name on it!!!!!  Oh the possibilities of the things I can have are unlimited!!!  I may now have to start begging for an IPod!!!!!    Please no wide load comments!!! PLEASE!!!!!

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5 Responses to Life is going to be nice at the Wheeler Household! XOXOXOXO

  1. Shawn Faryniarz says:

    Oh Chris!!!!!!!! You just made me feel like a kid again! Have fun on your new bike, I will see you in Nashville!

  2. chris says:

    I will pull in at the Batman Building and whistle for you!!!!

  3. Jan says:

    I’ll be looking for you to pull up in Anniston. I’ll have the Rescue Squad standing by.

  4. kim says:

    Awesome Chris 🙂 lol I just upgraded my exercise dvd’s have to get in shape before I can get on a bicycle. lol Have fun with it.
    .-= kim´s last blog ..3 Finishes for January and some pondering thoughts =-.

  5. Diane says:

    Congratulations!!! I have to tell you I loved riding my bike when I was young! I was like you! I rode all over town. My sweet dog used to follow me. We had the best times. Four years ago I wanted a bike for my birthday. So Hubby got me one. Now I had not been on a bike in over 20 years. My daughter rode her bike around our bike 10 times each afternoon. So the first day I had my bike I got on it and off I went with my daughter to ride around the block. I think I made it around twice and my legs would not pump no more! She went on without me. When I got off the bike my legs felt like jello and I barely made it in the house! It took a while to get my legs used to pumping that bike again. So be warned! And have fun!