Made In America

I got this in an email today. I love Checker Distributors. You have to have a business license and tax number for your state to get an account.  But you do not have to have an account to view items they have. Most everything you see in sewing related stores you can find on Checker Distributors.

In today’s email, Checker’s stated that they have MADE IN AMERICA PRODUCTS.. Over 21,000 to be exact. Just to go the site and top right click the flag Made In America.

WAY TO GO CHECKERS! I already love your company and the great customer service I get from Janis, whom I call Janis Joplin, which is not really her name but that is a little joke between the two of us. They really have a great customer service department. Now I am going to love you even more that you have this many Made In America products! You get 5 Stars in my book.

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One Response to Made In America

  1. Joyce N. Ingram says:

    Watched an story today about a store that sells only things made in America. Everything from the hangers on the clothes to the products in the food has to come from America. Proud to be an American even though it is not the same country it was when I was born.