"Mama he's looking at me again!"

Remember when you were kids and one of your brothers or sisters would stare and you and make faces and you would holler “Mama he is looking at me again!”

Well believe this or not but I have witnesses.  Every night from about 6 until midnight I sit on my couch recliner with my feet propped up working on my computer and listening to the television. To the left of me against the wall by the front door is my aquarium. Well I only have two fish in there because Conan, named after Conan O’Brien has a funny shaped head and the other goldfish that is in Gary’s tank try to hurt him so we had to seperate them.. Not caring he is about 10 times bigger then they are, he is a chicken fish and will not fight back. The reason he got the name Conan is because if you have ever watched Conan you know he has funny hair. Well so does my Conan! Weird shaped head.

Well Conan has this habit of laying in the corner of the aquarium for hours staring at me. I blogged about it a few weeks ago and thought this was a passing phase but I dont think it is going to stop. HE STALKS ME! Sometimes it really give me the creeps. Tonight he is laying in such a way that I see his reflection and it looks like he has ears! His fin is reflecting on the other side and I swear he looks like some type of animal besides a fish.

Does anyone have any idea and I am serious as to why he lays in the corner and stares at me..  You can wave at him and his fin wiggles. NO I AM NOT CRAZY!!


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0 Responses to "Mama he's looking at me again!"

  1. Pokey says:

    Aw-w, he just loves you! (Isn’t that what your Mama would say to you? Yeah, I didn’t buy it, either)….
    .-= Pokey´s last blog ..The New Year LIST =-.

  2. chris says:

    No my mother would have popped both of us with the wooden paddle from the Bolo Bouncer, remember those.. Had the rubber thing with a ball on the end and when the rubber band broke and the ball came off she kept the paddle and USED IT REGULARLY. I would have not bought the He loves you either STORY!!!

  3. karen (it) says:

    Sis you need to stay out of the candy box…your sugar is making you hallucinate.