Me and a child called IT !!


I love this picture of me and It.  I really was putting the hug on her!! I think I was missing some teeth!!!  Oh those childhood days!  I dont think we hardly ever wore shorts or pants! It is so funny, at school we meaning the girls never got to wear pants until 1972 when I was in the 12th grade and then it had to be pants suits and the tops had to be so long!!

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  1. Deara says:

    What PRECIOUS little girls. Wish you were still that age, I’d run away with you.

  2. I got suspended from high school once for wearing pants to school. (A nice corduroy suit with jacket and tailored blouse.) It was five degrees above zero, I had to walk about a mile each way from home, and our high school was “open plan,” meaning every single classroom opened to the outside, like a cheap motel. No interior hallways.

    But the rules said “no pants for girls,” so they called my mommy and sent me home in disgrace for a day. It was the only time I was ever in trouble.
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  3. Gene Black says:

    Ha ha..I remember the “no pants for girls” rule. Of course mini-skirts were very stylish – and some of them –well so much for –

    “I see Paris, I see France, I see _____’s underpants!”

    I could see the Paris underground system! I didn’t need an imagination they were so short!
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  4. Gene Black says:

    and I meant to add….didn’t PANTS make a lot more sense in keeping order? (and preserving decency)
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  5. chris says:

    Hey when I was in the 9th grade they started measuring our shirts. We had to stand up straight and the teacher (female) would take a ruler and make sure it was no more than 2 inches above our kneecaps. I got sent home once for it being one inch shorter, mother being the radical she was sent me back with it shorter. Nothing was said.. I did not have to go back home. Some of us used to roll the bands of our shirts to make them shorter. I remember some of the guy standing at the bottom of the stairs to homeroom and where the typing class was.. I bet they saw France also!!! Gene you crack me up!!!!! I think of those days now and the things we had to endure and somehow.. It just don’t seem right. Look what the kids wear today!!!