Me, Washington DC and the Postmaster General

Keep in mind the postage increase of May 2009. A card mailed out of the clear envelope and going through automation is 44 cents. One in clear plastic and not going through automation is 64 cents. A small price to pay for a work of art.

There has been so much conflict on mailing these postcards in the groups we belong to that I took it on my own to mail Mr. Potter, Postmaster General in Washington, DC a letter. He is a copy of the letter I received back. I also sent him a fabric postcard so there would be no question as to what I was talking about.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COPY THIS OFF and take it to your post office next time you get BS from a clerk, whip it out and tell them to TAKE THIS!  It was signed by Jerome Lease and I did not put his signature on here so when you email me put Mr. Potter in the subject.

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November 26, 2008

Ms. Chris Wheeler

P.O. Box 170

Locust Fork, AL 35097

Dear Ms. Wheeler:

Your recent letter to Mr. Potter, Postmaster General was referred to my office for a response.

The inconsistency in pricing cloth mailpieces such as the sample you submitted with your letter is regrettable. Let me clarify the mailing standards for you.

In order to be mailed at card prices, a card must be of uniform thickness, made of unfolded and uncreased paper or card stock of approximately the quality and weight of a stamped card (i.e., a card available from the United States Postal Service). A card must be formed either of one piece of paper or cardstock or of two pieces of paper permanently and uniformly bonded together. The stock used for a card may be of any color or surface that permits the legible printing of the address, postmark, and any required markings.

I have attached a copy of the pertinent standards from the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) for you to review. The fabric card-sized piece you submitted does not qualify for card prices, but is treated as a letter-sized mailpiece and may be mailed at the First-Class Mail prices for letters, or $0.42 per piece. When such mailpieces are enclosed in plastic like the sample you submitted, they are also subject to a $0.20 nonmachinable surcharge under the provisions of the DMM 101.1.2 b, which provides that a letter-size piece is nonmachinable if it is polybagged, polywrapped, or enclosed in any plastic material.

I have copied the Annette Rainey, Manager, Customer Service Standardization, Retail and Delivery, and provided her with a copy of your letter in order to share with her your concerns about consistency at different retail outlets when charging prices and answering postmarking requests.

Thank you for your interest in this matter. Sincerelv


cc: Annette Rainey

475 L’ENFANT plaza SW Washinaton DC 20260


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