Meet Marion Frances

Say hello to  Marion Frances, named after Aunt Marion Frances Fitzpatrick Studdard. She was my Mother and Aunt Janice’s sister. Aunt Marion died in February. Her son brought this doll to Aunt Jan to give to me. Seems like Aunt Marion always said if anything happened to her this was my doll that she had bought it when I was a  baby and named it Chris. She and Uncle Wilbur were unable to have children for a long time and she wanted a baby and she bought one!! I was the first grandchild in the family, first niece to the aunts and uncles and yes I do hear about it all the time that I was spoiled. I guess that is why I hate to have my picture made now. Back then I would walk in a room and it would be like the celebrity photograhers were there, flash bulbs going off on the Brownie camera’s!   I thank Aunt Marion for Marion Frances. I will treasure her always. Thank you Blake, I would have never known it was mine if you had not brought it.  I appreciate it. 





The doll on the right is an original Cabbage Patch Doll by Xavier Roberts, The red Kewpie Doll is in the front is one I received from Aunt Marion when I was a baby.  It only has one problem. It is missing the hat it had and Karen (It) bit the top of the point of its head off when she was a child. My other “children” Gary bought for me.

Chris and her Kewpie doll.. I still stay in a gown and I wish I had that heater in the background. We melted Hershey's bars on top of it and then ran popcorn through it.. We discovered chocolate popcorn.

Aunt Marion, Uncle Wilbur and her oldest son Terry during the 60's in Piedmont, AL at the Bicentennial Piedmont had!

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5 Responses to Meet Marion Frances

  1. Deara says:

    I know you are so proud to have received this
    gift from your Aunt Marion. She loved you so

    As for “IT”, she seems to have ALWAYS dealt you
    misery!!!! Now that she is “ALL GROWED UP” does
    she still do this to you?

  2. Pokey says:

    It is so neat to have a loved dolly (or few!) from the past, you are so fortunate. Love the history! Oh, and I like your blog background today, too, very cute!
    :-} pokey
    .-= Pokey´s last blog ..Sunday Inspirational Posts =-.

  3. chris says:

    Thank you Pokey..My old blog blew up and my Wizard, Carol who is my wonderful webmaster reworked it for me.. I like it when you are in full screen you can see red checkered table cloth.

    Yes I have a few dolls. I have a Tiny Tears that I have another place and I did have a Chatty Kathy that broke and I dont remember what I did with her. I never like a whole lot of dolls but Gary seemed to think I needed a couple so over the last couple of years he has ordered me a couple. Mother left me Alfonzo in her will. The original Cabbage Patch by Xavier Roberts. I love him. I just need to get the birth certificate changed over to my name! Thanks for dropping by. I always love to see Pokey has been here.

  4. chris says:

    Deara, YES “IT” DEALS ME HELL!!!! LOL She would love to get her grubby hands on my dolls. I dont think you know her but she loves to hoard back treasures in her vault she calls a closet!!!!!!!! I call it the “vault.” I do have to confess. I love my little “It.” Even if she is a pain in the arse! sometimes!

  5. karen (it) says:

    Watch it girl!! I might know where Cathy and tiny tears are as well as a few other treasures. CRABE aka deara dont start I will let Terri go through AND have dubs on purses!