Message in a bottle

Last week we went to Panama City Beach Florida. Stayed in a gorgeous condo and had a great time. Before we went on the trip I decided to fix a message in a bottle. I found this clear plastic bottle and put a message in it, a business card and some beads carefully glued the lid on and dreamed about what was going to become of it.  I thought for my first time this would be good. We got to Florida and I was waiting for the perfect time to launch my message. I had not an idea how to do this.  The second night we were there , Gary and I decided to talk a walk. Aunt Jan was in the condo watching tv and it was dark. I grabbed the bottle before we left. I do not know about you but I felt like if somebody saw me throw something in the beautiful ocean that I was littering. I was going to sneak down like a thief in the night. Luckily there was this young man and his wife on the beach and he went out in the water at pitch black!! He came back out and I asked him was he going back in and he said he would. He took my bottle and went a good ways out and threw it as far as he could.

The rest of the time I visualized my message floating to some exotic land. I woke up the next morning and the first thing on my mind was “reckon it is in China by now?”

Day before yesterday I got a message from a lady named Susan. She had found my bottle! I was so excited I could barely contain myself.. I thought…wow it really works. The lady was a real nice person from Panama City Beach, FL..It seems like even though my bottle was thrown out in rough waters it only went about 1/2 mile down the beach! I was so tickled.  We have corresponded a couple of times and she seems like a real sweet person. The next time we go down I am going to get to meet her.

I am already planning on making  more bottles and taking them to the docks at Captain Anderson’s and seeing if a captain of a fishing boat will take them out when they go fishing.

This is exciting. I think I will make minature quilts that will fit in the bottles and send them on their merrily way! This will become a fun hobby. I guess I will have to get Spanky and Aunt Jan to go with me and we charter a boat and dump a load of bottles out to float in the sea to exotic lands! Do you think I will get arrested for littering? I sure hope not. Be on the lookout for a bottle with a message in it.. My own time in a bottle!

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One Response to Message in a bottle

  1. Ros says:

    That sounds like great fun. Have you heard of the Toy Society? They have a similar, but land-based idea.