Miniature Quilt by Felicia Harris


Felicia is not only in my Trading Fabric Postcard group, she is a personal friend. I was fortunate to meet her through my sister “It” (Karen). They have been friends forever. She has a sister Donna that I also like very much. “It” has the best friends!  Felicia joined TFPC a while back. Not only does she make beautiful cards she does wonderful work on quilts. I was happy when my name turned up to be receiving a miniature quilt from her. Well as you can see it is a miniature Elvis. GREAT JOB..I love it and hope we are in more swaps in the future. I have it laying on the seat of a rocking chair while taking the photo. That is the white you see in the background. I just love the way she put the 4 squares together. She is very creative.

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