My Friends Get Me In Trouble.

Dang it BJ.. You know who you are. It is not bad enough I am addicted to reading about everyone on the Internet blogs, then Pinterest has taken over my life which by the way if you have never seen what Pinterest it just look to the right column here and click on the red Pinterest button and it will take you to my page. I have enjoyed looking at all the beautiful things there and saving them to my board to look at later and share.. Well if that is not enough BJ had to step in and get me hooked on chickens!

Rita Naugher who is from my hometown of Piedmont, AL should be crowned Chicken Queen. I am serious. Take a look at her site  and just imagine owning all these beautiful things painted by Rita. I am so impressed. As soon as I can decide I am going to have to be the owner of one of her beautiful pieces.  Take a look. Rita does beautiful work..Happy work, the kind that would make you feel good if you had it in your home and looked at it daily.

Thank you BJ for turning me on to this site. Rita good luck with your awesome art. I wish you many years of continued success. I will be seeing you soon at one of your shows hunting my most prized piece cackling all the way home with joy!!!

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2 Responses to My Friends Get Me In Trouble.

  1. Kathy Shaw says:

    Hey, what a surprise to be reading all of my favorite blogs this morning, and see my sister’s Chicken Art! That’s a super find…and yes, she does beautiful work!

  2. chris says:

    HOW NEAT!!! Thank you Kathy for being one of my “stalkers” I say that lovingly and thank you for the site.. EVERYONE GO TO Kathy’s site and look at her lovely pieces.