My Wizard Provides Security Service.

Remember a few days ago I posted about my “Wizard” Carol Logan Newbill. Here is a service she is offering. For all of you that have blogs you may want to give this a thought and email Carol if you have any questions.

Important New Service from 2FishWeb

2FishWeb Total Care Package is your Homeowner’s Insurance for Your Home on the Web

Updates, upgrades, backup, back end – when you’re not a WordPress guru, it’s all scary stuff. It gets even scarier if you make a mistake and your site goes down.

What would happen if you upgraded to a new version of WordPress and your plugins stopped working? What would you do if your hosting service vanished tomorrow? Are you sure you’re safe from hackers? What if your web host deleted your site and all your backups because they were infected with malware?

How much money would you lose if your WordPress site weren’t available to your customers for a day? A week?

If you can’t answer these questions, you need the 2FishWeb Total Care Package. We’ve got your back, and your backups.

Works with any hosting company

If your website is built on WordPress and you don’t want to fool with backend maintenance, this is one service you can’t afford to pass up. You don’t have to host your site with 2FishWeb. We can work with your current setup.

And it’s affordable — just about $1 per day for backups and peace of mind.

Interested? For the month of March only, we’re offering a special deal just for newsletter subscribers: 2Fish Total Care for $25 per month — a saving of 17%!

And this price is good as long as your service is active.

Yes! I want to sign up!

Send me an email and we’ll get you set up right away. Stop worrying about WordPress and spend your time what only you can do best for your business.

PS: Feel free to pass this message — and the special offer — on to a friend who uses WordPress, too!


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