New Post Cards Received

PICT0136   Narelle F.  Australia

Clowning Around Group  






PICT0138 Nancy T.

Trading Fabric Postcards Group 3






PICT0137 This card belongs to Gary. He received it in Trading Fabric Postcards Group 5 swap from Ildika C.

We loved the saying!!  





 This card belongs to Gary. He received it from Mary A From New Zealand. Trading Fabric Postcards Group 5

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3 Responses to New Post Cards Received

  1. Jan says:

    Cards are sooo pretty!!! I love the color on the one Gary received from Mary A. from New Zealand. All of you do such a good job, I’ve NEVER seen one that wasn’t pretty!!

  2. Love the cards.Particularly love the one about trading the man for the fabric!!Wicked girls!!he,he…Some great card ideas.Every one is so different!

  3. chris says:

    I know I loved all the cards.. The more busier the better on fabrics. I am in a creative mode. Today taking my machines to the shop and then getting busy. The rest of the year is GOING TO BE PRODUCTIVE.