New Years Goals!

Does anyone else still make these?  Well when I first wrote this article I called it New Years Resolutions. After some consideration and deep thought I knew durn well I was in line to break at least 6 by Jan 2, 2009.  So in order to remove some stress off me I decided to say I will try to make some of these goals. Not all but some! Now is that not better?

Here are a few of mine.

Tell my husband Gary at least 5 times a day how much I love him and how he is a gift from God with lots of hugs and kisses.

Lose a pound a week.  That is a pound of body weight!

Stay on a no sugar diet for my “d”. I refuse to say what D is but  JUST SAY NO TO SUGAR!

Sew everyday until my eyes hurt or bleed. Whichever comes first.     

KAREN PLEASE DON’T GET MAD!!!  I wanted everyone to see “IT” Growing up!

Call Aunt Jan and “it”daily.
“It” is my sister Karen whom I love very much. You can read about her in “The Coming of It.” Aunt Jan is my Aunt who has an addiction, bless her little heart. If any of you out there know where we can get her in YO YO ANONYMOUS would you please let me know.  She has some yo yo makers that she got off my store on the web site and all she does is make fabric yo yo’s.  I will call her during the day and evening and say “What you doing?”  Her reply, “Yo Yo’ing!”  God help us we have created a monster! But her yo yo’s are perfect!

Stay home more this year and enjoy my home. “There is no place like home.” Dorothy!  I am watching it on TV now on TNT as I blog… I just love that movie, The Wizard of Oz. I have seen it so much in my lifetime I can almost say the lines word for word…  “I will get you my little pretty and your little dog too!”

Comb Prissy my only cat everyday and pet her.  She is old and from the looks of this picture lazy!!! She is at least 15 years old and an outdoor cat. She is not fat..she is really a real small cat.. Just about 20 lbs of hair.. Part Persian and part Siamese and part sorry!




Gary calls her the Abominable Snowman! She look like a real fat sheep sometimes. She can bite like a tiger and her reflexes are perfect!

Go to Church. I am so blessed I need to go and thank God. (I do watch church on TV, but I need to actually go.) AND I DO THANK HIM DAILY ALL DAY!

Do not procrastinate.

Go fishing this spring. Gary will have to bait the hook..  I am scared of worms.

Work in yard this summer and get all things planted I have been wanting for years.( Look our for snakes.. I usually run across a couple trying to get me!!) Try to find something deer won’t eat… They eat all my hostas every year.

Wash my car once a week and that does not mean taking it to Anthony’s Car Wash in Birmingham. That means getting off my sorry “you know what” and washing it myself. I can hear the music “At The Car Wash” playing now! Where are my daisy dukes?

Keep my house spotless. I do keep a clean house but I want to have one perfectly clean. Just call me Bree Vanderkamp.

Clean out cabinets, drawers, cubbyholes and organize, especially my wreck of a sewing studio. Maybe I will find all those lost items that I have two or three of because I have misplaced them and had to re-order.

Don’t worry….Be happy!

Get more rest.

Quit drinking….Soda’s that is and that includes diet soda’s.. They are actually worse on you than regular soda’s.  I am a diet soda freak! But I am stopping December 31st! Water is going to be my drink of choice or tea.

Don’t cuss when my sewing machine acts up!!!   Where is the duct tape for my mouth? What is that saying? “Lord put your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth!” I can relate.

Have patience. After all it is a virtue is it not?

And last but not least.. Cook… and quit going to Cracker Barrel..  COOK IN YOUR NEW KITCHEN WOMAN !! 

I am cooking Christmas.. Infact I am starting Tuesday night and Wednesday.  Gary is smiling now.. He loves my cooking. I don’t, but he does.

I like what Maxine says…  “Screw up the turkey and dressing and you will be the rolls and soda person for life!”


And that is just a few.


And my philosophy..   RULES WERE MADE TO BE BROKEN!

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6 Responses to New Years Goals!

  1. These sound like great resolutions! Good luck.

  2. Kate says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog – the little christmas tree you asked about was actually made up when I made the advent calendar – the pattern which came with the calendar ( had a different tree, but I did one similar to this for something else so I just winged it…

  3. Jackie says:

    Lots of things to live up to this year…!!!

    I think my list is going to be a bit shorter! 🙂

  4. chris says:

    I made so many because I knew I would be keeping so few!

    Hopefully I can get half.

    Good intentions!

  5. Ann says:

    Great resolutions – everyone needs goals. But don’t sew until your eyes hurt – just until you can’t tell blue from green. 🙂

  6. karen (it) says:

    New Years goals–picture of it growing up…who did my hair and did I need braces??