Old Newspaper Quilt Patterns # 1 Click On Pattern To Enlarge!

I am going to be showing you old newspaper patterns when I find them. You can click on the pattern to enlarge and then print it out. I think I will print each one out as I find them and make a block and then put the quilt together. It will be a challenge and I am considering putting it together by hand. Not quilting the entire quilt by hand but making the block by hand.

**** After I posted this I decided to come back and ask you for a challenge. Would any of you like to try these patterns each month by hand?****   We could have what is like a Block Of The Month on WE LOVE QUILTING..  It would be a learning experience and then when we finished we’d have a vintage quilt of sorts and post pictures here.  SO I am going to call this Block Number 1.  I will be getting mine cut out this weekend and start on it. Completely by hand!

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4 Responses to Old Newspaper Quilt Patterns # 1 Click On Pattern To Enlarge!

  1. Anne Brown says:

    Count me in! Love to learn new things and if these are made by hand then easier to take along.

  2. chris says:

    Stayed tune on here. I will be posting these patterns ALL YEAR LONG.

  3. quilary says:

    I like the sound of this. I am trying to be more focused on making something each day and am following a few block of the months (some just quietly in case I can’t keep up!).
    quilary´s last blog post ..Sew Scraps….

  4. Sherri says:

    This sounds fun! I do most of my piecing by hand and the quilting by hand as well. I love making old blocks. Hopefully I can find fabric I have to do these blocks…. Thank you for doing this!