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I guess this is going to be the new thing I am going to have to try. Painted quilts. I got the above link this morning about painting pictorial quilts tutorial. This got me to thinking. I have a friend of facebook  Sherry Rogers- Harrison who is the master of this technique.  We all love to see what she is working on and the quilts are absolutely gorgeous.

Here is Sherry’s site I do not think you will be dissappointed with her work. She even has a kit to get you started on this new passion!

Well off to start on some UFOs today then I will possibly be trying my hand at some of these painted quilts.

I found 4 million 200 thousand images of painted quilts online

Do you know when you want to find something go to  click on images at the top of the page and then enter in the box what you want to locate.  Then you will see in the millions most of the time. You can click on the picture and go to that persons website.

Warning….It will get you in trouble. I spend a lot of time reading and looking at things online.

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2 Responses to Painted Quilts

  1. Woolie says:

    you mean I won’t have match seams??? I can just paint perfect points! lol google image is the bomb!
    Woolie´s last blog post ..Same Old Worn Out Blah Blah Story….NOT…

  2. Sherry does have some beautiful quilts. I love painted quilts and have done some, but use what I have. Would love to use real fabric paints or inks to do nicer designs.