Penzey’s…. 5 Stars!

Years ago I got a catalog from Penzey’s spices. I was skeptical. You see I have been burned many times ordering things online only to find out they were not as good as they seemed in the magazines. Like the cardboard cake we ordered several years ago from another company. It looked so good in the magazine and when it came it tasted like cardboard!

Well the spices from Penzey’s looked really good and I thought I would order one or two so if I did not like them I would not be out too much money. For whatever reason I never got around to ordering and then I had a friend to mention the store in Homewood, Alabama. I was surprised to know they had one and I headed out  there. Well I walked in and it is a very nice store. Smelled heavenly. What I like about it is the way they have the spices displayed. They are in glass jars and if you see something you are interested in you open the lid and smell.  Oh goodness it smells great. They have recipe cards there on display for you to take home with you and there are  some pretty good looking recipes. So if you live in the area where there is a Penzey’s store you would be wise to go. The spices are wonderfully fresh. Or if you don’t live close to a store do not do like I did and be afraid to order online. You will not be sorry.  If you sign up for their emails you often get coupons for free stuff in the mail and you get a great magazine mailed to you also.  Now that is great isn’t it?  Give them a try..I have been there every week for a month and you know I am slowing replacing all the spices you get in the stores with the ones from Penzey’s. So much better.  I will be going by there tomorrow with a coupon in hand.  Maybe I will see you there!

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