Pizza Order This is very scary!

A friend of mine Dave sent this to me. It is how we are going to be ordering pizza in the future or about anything else. They just used pizza for an example. It is scary and something to think about. I have always said this about different things. For instance in our new cell phones that we use they have GPS tracking devices. I know this for a fact. Just last week police officers in Florida gave a 4 year old an award because his mother blacked out in a parking lot at a post office and he called 911 and kept saying he was at the mail place.  They first thought he was saying mall UNTIL the 911 dispatcher used the tracking device to see where he was on a GPS map from the little boys mothers phone and realized he was saying mail. I often have said while we are watching television with our new big screens or latest model tv’s who is watching us. Call it watching to much Xfiles in the past but it very well could happen. You just can’t trust anyone now a days.  Check out this pizza ordering . It will give you a wake up call!  

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3 Responses to Pizza Order This is very scary!

  1. kim says:

    This is really scary. lol

  2. chris says:

    You know.. I really think it is probably like that already..we just do not know it..

  3. chris says:

    Were you outside waving?