Plant Them And They Will Come! Wheeler Garden Of Eden!

Remember the movie Field of Dreams? “Build it and they will come.” This is my Zinnia Field of Flowers. I planted and they grew.

I had someone to give me a sack full of Zinnia heads. I sat down one night and broke them up and when I got through I had one of those plastic tubs about the size of two shoe boxes packed to the top with seeds. I decided to put them at the area by the sunporch so when I looked out I could have a view. 

They are starting to go wild. Today I saw a butterfly convention in the area. They had landed on the Zinnia’s and were having the time of their life. The Hummingbirds love them also. I hope they do well and I get a lot seeds for next year.  Here are some pictures to enjoy of the going on’s in the Wheeler Compound.




I love my laundry buckets. They are great to plant in. Inexpensive also. $6.00 or less some places.


Another beautiful picture of the flowers.


Here is an eye level look.


I wish I had more of the daisies.


Another view of some of the flowers.


I cant get enough of them!


Naked as a picked bird up against the house. The only thing there is the bottle tree. I need to figure out what would work good here. Suggestions? It gets shade/sun mixture. I thought about Roses or Rhododendrons. I bet you did not know I could spell that word. (Spell check.)


We are having a baby! The racoons better not even think about getting it. This was a plant that came up out of the compost. I planted it on the side of the house where it gets pure sun. Looks like it is going to do well. Hopefully I will get a watermelon once in my life time since we put up a fence to keep the critters out. I will keep you posted.


Hollyhocks. This was one of my Mother’s favorite flowers. I like them myself also.


A group of sunflowers.


These group of ladies are as tall as I am. Sunflowers.


How many years before they bloom? Our fence is 7 foot tall. See they are almost as tall as the fence.

I am just an old fashioned gal. I love Sunflowers, Marigolds and Hollyhocks. Ildika a lady I know from Kentucky sent me the seed for the Marigolds. This is the 3rd year for them. They are very easy to grow.

My cherry tomato is doing quite nicely . We have eaten about 6 off this plant so far this year.







Believe it or not, these tomatoes are growing in Earthboxes and Grow Boxes. This is the only way to plant. You can read more about them here.   These things are wonderful. We plan on adding 20 more to our collection next summer. You learn by doing and we have figured out a bunch of new things to try. I can’t wait.



I call this my “Garden Of No Hope.” I cant get anything much to grow here. It gets shade all day until evening.  Any suggestions? I wonder what I can do here.


One is the lonliest number. I wonder who or what, meaning a bird dropped this one sunflower seed next to this daylilly. I don’t have the heart to pull it up. It is pretty.

In a few weeks I will have some more pictures of the tomatoes and flowers. Some of the tomatoes are taller than I am. They are just beginning.

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6 Responses to Plant Them And They Will Come! Wheeler Garden Of Eden!

  1. I wish my gardens looked like that, no luck lately.
    I did notice some new single flowers growing here and there, so I am assuming the birds dropped some seeds for me;)


  2. Jocelyn says:

    Your garden looks amazing. You have an incredible yard. Have you considered Knock out Roses for your blank wall? I hear they are pretty hardy and do not need a lot of attention once they are established.

  3. Mary says:

    Wow! Everything looks so good. The rabbits ate every one of my zinnias as they popped up. It is a loosing battle with them.

  4. mariette says:

    What a wonderful garden. I am envious. And when do you get time for gardening doing so many wonderful postcards

  5. Great garden. Sorry, I can’t offer any ideas. I stink at gardening. I grow weeds and dust. Oh well.

  6. Sally says:

    Your zinnias are fabulous! They’re my very favorite flowers, so cheery and bright. Keep that watermelon well watered, they drink a lot! I’d try hostas and astilbes in the shade garden; I also have a hardy begonia that thrives in my mostly-shady spot. As for the picked-bird spot, I’d avoid Rhodies, the root systems are very powerful and can damage the foundation over time. I’d be tempted to put up a trellis and plant climbing hydrangea, they’re very pretty; or you could experiment with doing fruit trees espaliered (wired to go across instead of up, look it up – very cool!).