Postcards I Have Made

I belong to a couple of postcard groups online.  I usually try to stick to the swaps with 25 members. That one is  There is a link on my website for the group.  Art4mail is another one I joined and there are a few splinter groups from those also.  I was in some  swaps with 4 or less.  Hippity Hop and something that begins with the letter D are the ones I just finished. 

You can see below what I decided to do. I dont know why the cards did not scan as well as I thought they should but you can get the idea. I am starting with the two I made yesterday.

pict76451 Hippity Hop





D is for Dragonfly





Black Swap. Colors had to be black and up to two other colors. I had black thread, black print, and black ink.  Beige for my extra color.

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3 Responses to Postcards I Have Made

  1. gin says:

    both cards or so so cute. You are so creative. I thought I liked the bunny the best but the dragon fly is just as cute. So I will give the bunny 1/2 point more than the dragon fly. Only because I like bunnies and it’s Easter.

  2. Jerri says:

    I love the dragonfly best! But I have this thing about black and white. I keep saying, I am going to join a swap when I have time. I guess I am going to just have to make time.

  3. chris says:

    Yes Jerri come on and join us.. A swap usually has a 3 month deadline and it does not take but a couple of days to make the cards. They are usually no theme.. So you can pick what you want to and with your creative talents that would be an awesome card. It is fun to receive cards all over the world.