Progress Report

See the above picture? Bakery department at Whole Foods and the picture does not do the place justice.

Reason I am talking about that is NO I do not hang out in the bakery department each time I go but I do peek over to see all the beautiful works of art they have in cakes , pies and candy. I am using this as an example as to why I should get rid of my baking pans.

I have been going through a purifying in this house. I have gone through cabinets, closets and boxes. I am getting rid of everything I have not used in 6 months or more. I have taken off two truck loads and tomorrow I have several bags headed to the Mission in Pinson, AL.

Cake pans. They were boxed up last night. Bundt, long metal pan to make a pound cake so that you can slice it in uniform pieces.

The point I am trying to get across by posting the above picture is why in the world would I stand up slave over a recipe in the book I have zero interest doing to get something to try to take somewhere or to serve here at home. I will make a trip to Whole Foods when needed.

We do not need a big cake here at home. We both have had a tremendous amount of weight loss in the last two years so therefore let someone else eat cake. During the holidays we slipped around and had smoothies, ice cream and some other things while we were at the Gaylord. We are not there now so we need to get back with the program.  I only gained 5 ounces while we were gone. I need to get 23 more lbs off so therefore I won’t be eating any cake!

I feel so good that I am going through closets, drawers, boxes and a storage building getting rid of things. From now on when I want something I am going to think about it at least a week before I make the purchase.

I was telling someone just last week we are pitiful here in the USA when we have storage buildings that are being put up everywhere to help us hold our STUFF.. That is all it is STUFF. If you do not use something then why don’t you give it to one of the thrift stores in your area so they can sell it for their organization? I see why other countries hate us. Some do not have a pair of shoes, we have a closet full. Some do not even have one book we have houses full.  I think America INCLUDING ME has become greedy. We want everything we can get our hands on and we’d be better off if we just had the basics. I sure have been looking at life a lot differently lately.

I had so many books. I read a book once. WHY IN THE WORLD would I hold on to a zillion books for them to gather dust and get mites?  I only kept the books from Rick Bragg , Don Keith, Sloan Bashinsky and Nick Myers. Folks I know personally or through online and a couple of how to do books. I have three book cases. If they can not hold the ones I want to save then I have to decide which one is the most important and the rest have to go.

I went through some not all of my quilt magazines. I have not had time to go through everything, I have just started. I have a project a day going on. I had just bought some magazines for ONE PATTERN. I copied that pattern  FOR MY PERSONAL USE ONLY and that magazine is now in a box to give to somebody here on my monthly give a way.

Clothes this year alone I gave away about 6 lawn and leaf bags full. This is about the most stupid thing I was doing. They were so big on me and by no means were my size. I was holding on to them in case I needed them later on down the road. Now what does that say to you? I was setting up myself for failure. In case I gained my weight back. GONE and I am going through the closet again. I go through everything once. Then in a week or so I go through it again and so forth. I have things I think I have to keep.. Then I think about it a week or so and go back and gather up some more.

No we are not hoarders. Yes my house was clean, but my closets , drawer and building were packed full. Why in the good Lords name was I holding on to things in case I needed them. If I need and REALLY NEED something that I have given away I will figure out how to do without of if I have to have it down the road in the years to come I will go get one.

I see maybe five things here in the house that was family pieces. I do not hold on to things because they were Mothers, Aunt so and so or whomever. I normally do not like the people that have gone on before me so I do not hold on to the items because it belonged to someone in the family.  I hold on to them because I USE THEM like My great grandmothers mission table. I use it all the time. I am not a sentimental person.

So if something is not being used it is going. Today my project is going through the room I have that we use as an office and has a twin bed in there. It is a wreck because I am using it to store things as I go through them. I am taking them out of other areas taking them back there and going through the things. I have a closet in there that has some clothes and I am sure they are too big so they will be going.

It feels good to cleanse and clear out.

About the best thing I felt good about giving away was my cooking stuff I never used.  I don’t like to cook and by me getting rid of the things I won’t be having to try to make a cake. Now getting rid of the bigger clothes was a great feeling also. Shows that all my hard work and progress has worked. I won’t be needing them. I won’t be going back to that size!

My fabric is another thing. I won’t be giving it away I will be making things out of it. I bought entire too much and now I need to get busy on projects.

So if I need something bakery wise, I will be heading over to Whole Foods. Why would I want to stand here and figure this and figure that and it turns out like my volcano cake. I sure am going to have to dig that picture out and show you all. Gary wanted a caramel cake when we first got married. I tried to make one. It tore apart in 3 zillion pieces. I finally mounded it up in volcano shape and poured the icing over the cake! It was wonderful but looked horrible. I wonder if I could get a job in the bakery at Whole Foods? I must apply.

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One Response to Progress Report

  1. Towana Fuqua says:

    Loved reading this! Of course you know what caught my attention and made me read it—– those beautiful bakery creations!!!! I LOVE SWEETS! Wish you’d come to my house and purge! Actually 3 houses— Dad’s next door, Mom & Dad’s in P’mont, and mine & Phil’s. I’m just tooooo sentimental for my own good. And, I love “antiques” and old “historical type” junk! As I read I was thinking,”oh, dear, I wonder what she got rid of that I would have liked!” I’ve been trying lately, and I gather stuff up, but then can’t decide to part with it-(might need it some day LOL!!!)
    Keep at it! Maybe it will rub off on me, if I read about you doing it enough. Sometimes I just need a good incentive to get started. One of our preacher’s wives used to tell her Sunday School Class (my Mom’s group) that it was a sin to keep closets full of clothes and not be able to wear them all because there were so many, and someone could probably use them. I know that’s true, and I keep telling myself that— but just don’t get around to cleaning out. I’m even “attached” to my “work clothes”!!! I’ll look at them and think , “I have to where to wear this now that I’m retired— but, I loved it so I’ll just keep it a while longer— just-in-case…..”
    Think I’ll hop up now that I’ve told all my “dirty little secrets of hoarding”— and go see if I can find at least one box full of stuff to get rid of!!!! Thanks for the “push”!