Queen Mode


Hey I bet you thought you were looking at Queen Elizabeth! NOPE me  Queen Christianna. Don’t that sound regal? You all can  just call me Your Highness!  I am in  Queen Mode but trying to get out of it.  Today is a good day to get some sewing done. I am trying to get motivated!

There is a joke around here. I think I am a Queen.  I don’t know how they came up with that “I think” business. I KNOW!

My sister “It” bought me the tiara years ago. She still harbors ill feelings. I bought her one but the very tip of it got broken off during packing and delivering. She just needs to be patient. When I feel she has reached Princess status I will get her another one. No one can be Queen, just me! I have this title for life!

Today I am starting a new job. Quilting. I have decided that the only way I am ever going to get anything done is work it like a job.. Oh Lord, where is my time card? I just hope my boss does not mind me wearing Pj’s!

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3 Responses to Queen Mode

  1. gin says:

    ok, Ms. Queen, Your Highness. Your new sunporch is lovely. What a nice place to sit and enjoy everything.

  2. Ha! I have THREE tiaras! One of them is a Mardi Gras one, though. But I do have a lovely rhinestone one similar to yours.

    Twins. It’s completely inescapable.
    .-= Carol Logan Newbill´s last blog ..Two Great Ways to Send Your Readers Fleeing into the Night =-.

  3. chris says:

    CLN next time I see you I am tackling you and swabbing your throat for a DNA sample!. TWINS… Do you wear yours? I do when I am in Princess or Queen Mode until it digs in my head..those durn combs!! I do have a quilted tiara pattern I bought at Knoxville.. I will have to make us matching twins crowns!! OK!! You crack me up..SISTA But you are the best!