Quiet As A Church Mouse

Church Mouse

I wonder who came up with that saying? I sure would not want to be in any church that had rats. I laugh saying that because my mother never said mice or mouse. She would say “do not eat all over the house we’ll get rats. Do not take that food to your room you wanting a rat? If you do not put that food up in the refrigerator we are going to get rats, get the crumbs off the floor we going to get rats.”  Well that would have been one way to get rid of me, let us get a RAT!

Well I have been quiet as a mouse here at our home. One my machine has been acting up and I think I have most of it worked out. The owner of a company that is not far from here is going to come down and give it a much needed check up.

Agent Wade and I did not have time last week to get started on a big quilt. She had a “date.”  Well she and her niece along with some other folk went to the Comedy Club in Hoover AL.

She will be here tomorrow and we will be back on our projects. I have one I want to finish as soon as possible so I can work on another one and then when that is finished HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS it is going to be a ride and a half. I have a million ideas in my head that I can not unleash just yet because I am trying to get finished.

Then there are several other non quilting projects going on now. Nothing bad all good.

Summer is here, grass is growing, fish need to be fed, pond needs fertilizing and last but not least it is summer. Time to day those trips. I like the one day ones where you go and come back in the same day.  Some of those in the future.

I was thinking a few day ago while I was on the lawnmower, that is where I do my best thinking and praying that life is so short. Here I am almost halfway to 62. Where has time gone. It was just 1972 a few weeks ago when I graduated from high school.

Oh well just enjoy every second of your life and do what I do. I get up every morning thinking “what can I do today that I will not go to jail for.” In other words find you something fun and out of the box normal for you and do it. You never know you may just like it.

Until tomorrow and the next project, have a blessed evening or day depending on where you live on this beautiful earth.

Namaste, Peace, Adios..   However in the world you say goodbye until next time.


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