Quilters 12 Step Program. I Am A Quilterholic.

I NEED ONE.. I was thinking I need to join some organization to get cured from buying and hoarding back fabric. I stumbled across this poem.

Ode to My Wife the Quilter

She learned to quilt on Monday.
Her stitches all were very fine.
She forgot to thaw out dinner.
so we went out to dine.
She quilted miniatures on Tuesday.
she says they are a must.
They really were quite lovely.
But she forgot to dust.
On Wednesdays it was a sampler.
She says stipling’s fun.
What highlights! What Shadows!
But the laundry wasn’t done.
Her patches were on Thursday –
Green, yellow, blue and red.
I guess she was really engrossed;
She never made the bed. It was wall hangings on Friday,
In colors she adores.I t never bothered her at all,
The crumbs on the floors. I found a maid on Saturday.
My week is now complete. My wife can quilt the hours away;
The house will still be neat.
Well, it’s already Sunday.
I think I’m about to wilt. I cursed, I raved, I ranted,
The MAID has learned to QUILT!

 It was on Kathy AK blog. You can go here and see all her beautiful work. http://open.salon.com/blog/kathy_ak  

Enjoy and you are going to have a time laughing when you read about her addiction to fabric!

PS. I really do not want to be cured..it that a bad thing?

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3 Responses to Quilters 12 Step Program. I Am A Quilterholic.

  1. Deb P says:

    Would this be considered fabric hoarding?
    Deb P´s last blog post ..Day 86 of 365

  2. I hoarded wool and now fabric, but glad I did.
    With the economy, I am glad I have a nice little stash to keep me busy;)

    Debbie St. Germain´s last blog post ..One of those Days!

  3. I’m just starting out with quilting.. and trying not to hoard.. but I REALLY want fabric.. I can certainly understand WHY you get to that point. However with the cost of fabric, I cannot understand HOW you get too much fabric. I just can’t buy as much as I want.. as I want it all!!! I am going to be making a sewing room soon.. and that could be dangerous.. I may break my spending rules and then watch out!
    Marcia Kosturock´s last blog post ..Blogger is BUGGIN ME!