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You know how I love MADE IN AMERICA products. Red Heart Yarn is one. You can go here and look at a video how it is made and then check out their website. They are located in Albany, GA. 

So next time we need crochet, knitting or this type of thread. THINK RED HEART..MADE IN USA!

I heard from the Rep and here are the yarns they carry made in America

While many of our yarns are made in the USA, some are not.

The below list includes all of our yarns that are made in the USA:

  1. Baby Clouds
  2. Baby Econo
  3. Classic
  4. Eco-Cotton Blend
  5. Eco-Ways
  6. Fiesta
  7. Holiday
  8. Kids
  9. Light & Lofty
  10. Moon & Stars
  11. Soft Baby
  12. Sport
  13. Super Saver Chunky
  14. Super Saver Economy
  15. Super Saver Jumbo
  16. Super Saver Regular
  17. Super Soft
  18. Super Tweed
  19. With Love
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2 Responses to Red Heart Yarn MADE IN AMERICA

  1. Deara says:

    Thank you for informing everyone about this yarn MADE IN AMERICA. It’s the ONLY kind I ever buy.

  2. chris says:

    Deara be sure you look because there may be a couple that slips through but I listed the ones that ARE USA.
    Thank you for reading.